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“The reason I consider the international economists and practices commissions is becuase the bullshit percentage is lower.” (that’s my observation – cricketdiane.)

The United States has gone all over the world not only promoting, but demanding democracy be put into place. The US has forced economic policies and insisted on capitalism and free market economies in every corner of the globe. America has defined and enforced the issues of human rights and civil rights everywhere around the globe.

And, then on our own soil, used something else because it suited them at the time and suits them now?

What kind of nonsense and insanity would create a totalitarian government with socialist economic policies where the bastions of freedom and capitalism once stood in (Our) USA?

We’ve used our (global) trading partners as scapegoats for our unsound business practices and dumped “assets” on them that were worthless in the (final) current analysis. We’ve done so at our discretion because something else could’ve been done and done differently. We watch today as their businesses thrive (since and) because they are doing business in the ways we once did.

And, still our economic leadership wants nothing of it and is continuing to pursue a course to leave us without prosperity, genuine capitalism and democracy ( and without any real representative form of government.) Our government leadership especially in Congress, continues to try to steer us back to the same old fraudulent market practices of Wall Street and make it legal to use them in banking and other businesses.

At the same time, our country’s leadership has denied more even distribution of opportunities, denial of human rights, destruction of civil rights and decimation of democracy, equality and justice than any government body of any other country would be allowed.

and on it goes. No good sense can reign when the hands of power are operating like this. And, no good will come of it.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-28-08, USA1