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Financial Stability Forum

The Financial Stability Forum (FSF) was convened in April 1999 to promote international financial stability through information exchange and international co-operation in financial supervision and surveillance.


Financial Stability Forum meeting in Amsterdam – meeting Sept. 29,30 – 2008
The Financial Stability Forum (FSF) will hold its six-monthly plenary meeting on 29-30
September in Amsterdam. Media are invited to attend a briefing by Mario Draghi,
Chairman of the FSF, which will follow the meeting.
The FSF will discuss the current challenges facing the international financial system and
steps being taken to address them. It is preparing a follow-up report on implementation of the
recommendations made in its April Report on Enhancing Market and Institutional Resilience
that will be delivered to the G7 in October. At the Amsterdam meeting, the FSF will launch
work to examine the drivers of procyclicality in the financial system and possible options for
mitigating it.
There will also be a session with market participants to discuss current events
and private sector initiatives to build a more resilient system.

Click to access pr_080926.pdf