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doing nothing given the current circumstances would naturally yield these consequences, all of which may or may not happen no matter what we do –

*  The credit freeze in place would correct itself because, naturally occurring it is status-driven, not confidence driven and those people want to make money (not sit on top of a worthless pile of whatever (shit).

*  Consequently, a.) they would find a way through it and b.) they would fail to trust one another and develop another way to loan money to make money because they are in the business of making money work for them – and they really don’t know how to do anything else. (Its the “walk through the fear” plan, feel it, experience it, use it to fuel real long-term solutions and enact them.) psychologically very healthy in practice but in a market driven economy, who’s going to buy anything anyway if they’re busy grabbing their – well never mind, I think I can see how that would work out from here . . .

*  Yes, it would work, because the process of innovation is actually born in fear, not averted fear nor in diminished fear but in the real treacheries of fear.

*  foreign investors might be another matter however and they may be insulated from any direct threat of our economic collapse in a true sense because they are very, very smart financiers.

*  you know, the American “bulls” are some of the most skittish animals I know. They seem to have very little faith in themselves to evaluate options, determine the parameters and constraints of the problem then using these create constructs of workable innovations to accommodate them. Its as if the fear of what that might mean changes their internal landscape to one of genuine helplessness. Well, there you go – me, too.

*  But with their creative interpretations of reality, its hard to believe they couldn’t or can’t do it. They are in the game to make money. Believe me, they will find a way to make it make money.

“This is what we call a properly functioning market. When difficulties of this magnitude arise, fear and anger fuel the real world, long-term, far-reaching innovations that have made our world a better place and will inspire the applications of solutions to take our place in history as an improvement, rather than detriment.”

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-25-08, USA1