September 25th, 2008 808 GMT

It is possible that solutions exist which can maintain our capitalism and the integrity of our system of government.

What I don’t understand is why the value of the integrity involved in these first principles of our America – our United States – don’t matter to President Bush and Nancy Pelosi and to others involved.

What could possibly be important enough to do only in one certain way, at the cost of the very foundations upon which their authority rests and our freedoms are assured?

Aren’t they the ones charged with protecting it by oath of office and by virtue of trust well-placed in them to do so?

Tomorrow, tomorrow will come and our leaders will meet in the White House. As they burn the very essence of our flag beneath their feet, they will talk in a game not of politics nor food for our tables but borne of jealousy and pride. The pride of getting their way at the expense of all else held dear, mixed with the jealousy and arrogance that desires to win for power, for greed, for bragging rights to have won. And all this for nothing.

For the power is never enough, the money never in satisfying quantity regardless of its ability to appease, and the greed never satiated. The bragging rights don’t mean a thing when the very tenets of our hard-fought and well-won democracy are used to wipe their noses then be decimated by their actions of choice and will.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-25-08, USA