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All those involved in this economic and governmental debacle that created it and allowed it –
They should be held accountable.

– held in contempt of the Constitution of the United States of America for charges of anti-trust, corruption, criminal profiteering, racketeering, collusion, currency manipulation, abuse of power, failing legislative oath of office and conversion for tolerating counterfeit securities.

– held in defiance of the guaranteed checks and balances inherent in the Constitutional forms of the Judiciary / Executive / Congressional balance of power, for instituting socialism and interfering in a free market economy using totalitarian abuses of power, introducing unfair advantaged and privileged competition warranties and for abetting an extraordinary misuse and abuse of Federal resources and agency prerogatives.

– for undermining the tenets of capitalism as our nation agreed upon at its inception and continued to agree upon throughout its history and for doing so without the express intention nor desire of the American people, and for doing so with no consensus of any kind and with no vote from the American people in agreement with doing such a thing in antithesis of our laws and Constitution.

– for breaking the oath of trust to uphold the Constitution of the United States, obey her laws and forward her tenets of freedom, equality, democracy and representative government which was placed in them by the American people as taxpayers and especially, as citizens.

– for utilizing positions of power to undue personal gain and using this position to further the ends of socialism, nationalism, rather than of advancing and protecting the agreed upon capitalist model for our economy with appropriate legislation, regulation and sound tenets of policy.

– AND –

– for propagating self-serving ends at the cost of the economies of the United States and the World in a continuing pattern of corruption, greed and monarchy which is in opposition to the founding first principles upon which our government’s right to existence rests.

Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 09-24-08, USA