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The character therefore of the revolutions of the present day distinguishes itself most definitively by grounding itself on the system of representative government, in opposition to the hereditary. No other distinction reaches the whole of the principle.

Having thus opened the case generally, I proceed, in the first place, to examine the hereditary system because it has the priority in point of time. The representative system is the invention of the modern world; and, that no doubt may arise as to my own opinion, I declare it beforehand, which is, that there is not a problem in Euclid more mathematically true than that hereditary government has not a right to exist. When therefore we take from any man the exercise of hereditary power we take away that which he never had the right to possess, and which no law or custom could, or ever can, give him a title to.

Dissertations on First Principles of Government, Thomas Paine, 1795


“I see the United States Government breaking the first principles upon which our representative government system is founded. They may need to regroup and consider their options. Is there any way they would hear us say so and do that?” – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 092108 – USA1