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I am convinced that there is a rarefied (thin) air around places like Wall Street and Washington, D.C. – its as if because everyone agrees that a thing is so and is a certain way, then it therefore is. And, since no other viewpoint or perspective is given credence – any other valuable insight and its resulting good judgment is lost. Things that would not make any good sense in light of the facts and factual reality anywhere else, make the rounds in Wall Street and Washington as if they are perfectly reasonable when they are not. Anything that differs from the way they want to believe it is and the way they all mostly agree it is – simply gets discredited, mocked and ignored.

So, I thought about this and it occurs to me that if a person were looking at me and the house behind them was catching fire, would I really be concerned with convincing them of what they couldn’t see was endangering them and whether there is a fire or a matter of my opinion about a fire or why I think there is a fire? Or would I just shove them out of harm’s way and go put out the fire? Some things genuinely aren’t a matter of rhetoric.

Saying this is to say – we have people making decisions both in Wall Street and in Washington that have never bought their own groceries or had to make a choice between their car insurance and having the electricity bill paid. The rain never touches their heads, the pavement never touches their feet and ideas of what is what are constrained by the limited, rarefied environment where they exist. It makes Disneyland look real in comparison and more in touch with reality.

Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 09-20-08, USA
comment to FoxNews Cheryl Casone – “Get Your Gun and Aim” –