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Team USA Needs To Be Solving Problems –
by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 09-04-08

When we sent people to Washington, we sent them to be our Team USA. There aren’t “two sides of the aisle”. They are sitting in official buildings we own and are all part of one team. That is why they are there.

We sent them there to spend our money wisely, to work as a team to serve our best interests and to accomplish what we alone could not. Our Congress, our Executive and our Judiciary are the Team USA that we placed there to fight the real enemies of our nation – not each other.

The real enemies are on our door steps. Evidence of these enemies is obvious. A capitalist nation cannot survive without a strong economic foundation. Our foundation and the structural tenets of that economy are crumbling. We are in danger of the harm which will come as a result. This is certainly a real enemy of our nation.

We are so completely dependent on gasoline as fuel that it is now a matter of national security. Any world power could shut off supply to our country in any great measure leaving us with a complete halt to life as we know it. Everything moves in our country by some form of petroleum. This, too, is a real enemy of our nation’s well-being and security.

Our national business assets are being sold off to foreign interests who may or may not favor us later. We will not be able to rebuild these. The jobs that were lost will not be reclaimed nor replaced. Competing with them in the marketplace, once these businesses belong to foreign interests, is unlikely. In every arena, our own businesses now owned elsewhere are competing against us for the same market shares. Since this undermines our employment base and our opportunities to realize business profitability, it is also an enemy to our nation’s sustenance.

Made in America has become known for shoddily made and overpriced. Too many recalls and unjustifiable harms, even deaths have come to those who bought products made in our recent profiteering environment. The real cost of our business interests making poor ethical choices for good profit reasons has dropped our global credentials to a pathetic level. This is definitely an enemy of the USA.

The cruelty, viciousness and complete disregard for others pervades every facet of American society. Lack of tolerance for diversity and differences has led to a land of terror for many, rather than of freedom. This has created abuses of civil and human rights everywhere in America over many years and increases each year. Clearly, this is an enemy worthy of fighting, too.

These are our real enemies. All of these items and more await on our doorstep. We elected leaders from among us to work as a team against these common enemies. What we have is a bunch of bickering demagogues who are fighting amongst themselves for their party’s interests and their own advantages.

And, meanwhile – solutions that might be enacted aren’t. People’s lives that could have been made better and more secure lay in ruin. Dismal consequences from unabated global ecological changes are unfolding. The opportunities for the US economy to be righted are missed. And, worst of all, the Team USA continues its bickering in every position from local and state governments all the way to the US Congress and the White House. Its as if it doesn’t matter as long as each party wins out over the other.

Now, our real enemies threaten to overtake us. We have solutions for many parts of them – these simply need to be placed into use. Together, we could work out the rest as we go.