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Here I am with a product that I’ve created. Its in a tangible form. It was listed on Ebay this last week and barely seen by anyone. This could be in stores. It would bring a smile to the face of customers and may keep them from being robbed at some point.

If nothing else, it could make money for me and for the stores selling it. This is the right timing for this product and it is distinctive – it has personality and character. It could easily be offered for the right price with a small profit. There are a number of retail store categories that could appropriately carry it.

So, now what?

To Publishers – blocked

To Trade Mart Stores – blocked

To Angel Investors – blocked

Directly To Market – blocked

To Retail Store Buyers – blocked

To Sell Rights To Someone Else To Use – blocked

To Promote It – Not blocked, but how?

To Sell Online – Online Availability – Not blocked by Fact, but Unseen for the multitude of info there

So, therefore – what possibilities truly exist whether I have a unique, sales-worthy product or not?

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-03-08

“If I had known that the only contribution allowable to me because I am a woman would be to clean the floors under the feet of my family and wash their clothes – I wouldn’t have bothered to learn calculus or business or physics.

If I’d known there will never be any money from any business I might create, would I have ever tried to create anything or worked so hard to learn how to make it work as a business? Probably not.

But, isn’t the truth of it that my efforts have proven it doesn’t work for me? Apparently the access available and the things I’ve studied from books for accessing the marketplace with products are blocked to me. That means that no matter what I write, it won’t ever be published in a book. I can create products distinguished and unique every day of my life and never see them making a profit for me. And, until I die in poverty, I will have lived in poverty each and every one of the days in my life.

Now, why didn’t they just tell me it would be that way when I was going to school? Wouldn’t it have been simpler to say to me that I would never have the opportunities available to men including value as anything besides the person to clean up after everyone?

Why didn’t the teachers and clergy and others just tell me that the world doesn’t need anything created by a woman and won’t pay anything for it if it is created by a woman? And, that I would have to work many times harder to make many times less for anything I might do because as a woman, society considers that to be okay?

Certainly not everything I create is ‘good enough’ to make it in the marketplace. But, some of it is and there is no reasonable access to bring it to the marketplace to find out if it would do well or not. That means, the truth about America is not that it is a land of opportunity but rather that it is not, except to those already positioned and in the right ‘class’ to accomplish it.

I am horrified to think about the forty some odd years wasted in the pursuit of this, the learning and re-learning after brain injury, the obscenely abusive relationships I’ve survived and all along there was no real chance of anything I’ve worked to do or to create actually making a living for me.

What kind of America is that? And, why couldn’t the teachers and society during my lifetime have simply told me it was like this? Why was I taught that every individual is valuable and has the opportunity to bring good things to the world, to make a living from their talents, to make a contribution to the world? Since apparently the considered basis for determining what are delusions of grandeur are those very things – why would anyone have taught me that bunch of shit?”

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-03-08