What would help America right now?
leads to the question – “in what respect?”
And then to these questions?

–> What would stabilize the markets right now?

–> What could inspire people to work together?

–> What is valid when everyone disagrees?

–> How does our country regain international standing?

–> How do we balance the needs of people and the needs of business?

–> What could be done to balance the federal budget and state’s finances? For cities? And for counties?

–> How do we make our schools better to teach each student effectively at all ages?

–> What needs to happen for our communities to deal with their problems more effectively?

–> Why do our “experts” not have the tools, knowledge and understanding to effectively convey the accurate analysis of many current situations? What do they need to do it better, more accurately?

–>  How do we restore conscient and conscious awareness in our decision-makers and leaders?

–> What has to happen for understanding far-reaching implications in real world decisions and their immediate impacts to living populations?

–> How do we better manage our resources and the man-hours that support them?

–> How do we reduce administrative costs for services, especially in our government?

–> What can we do that we are not doing now?

–> Is there a way we can achieve energy independence? quickly?

–> Why is it that more is being spent on administrative costs than on the services being provided?

–> How do we get the citizens of America invested in America and in her succeeding? And in succeeding internationally?

–> What do we need to do to raise the standard of living in every city and territory of America? And – how do we raise the standard of living and opportunities for all individuals in America?

–> What can we do to promote small business and help it stabilize and grow / expand? How do we support growth and stability both individually and across the board for all small and medium-sized businesses?

–> How do we know the difference between what should be allowed to fail and what must be rescued?

–> How do we help without nationalizing or socializing huge systems like health care and energy / fuels / electricity, etc.?

–> What could it be like if we were to do things differently and how do we project that to find out? What tools do we use for it?

–> What options do we have that we are not using in the U.S.? How do we bring those into place and activate them?

–> What cost to benefit ratios do we need to understand choices better?

–> What will restore the homeowners of America to stable home ownership, financing and to the greater opportunities for home ownership?

–> What does the word, “meritocracy” mean in application to business and government systems and how can it be measured accurately?

–> How do we play out the situation with Russia and other world players to America’s advantage now and in the future?

–> What can be done to know what will work and what results will come from it? from different choices available?

–> How do we fix the social security system in such a way that it will continue to finance itself and be solvent financially now and in the future?

–> How do we get an overview that accurately describes and explains what is happening and makes it easy to understand with accuracy along with options available?

–> What describes the thinking processes needed that are different than those being used now and how do we incorporate these into the way we are doing it?

–> How do we overcome legacy thinking which is driving so many of the choices being made?

–> What does it take to quickly “think on your feet” and understand what is really going on in any given situation such that we can use that ability effectively and learn to use it?

–> How does disordinant information fit together into a seamless accurate depiction of events and how do we know how it fits together?

–> What could be done to restore the oceans, the rivers, the land and air from its pollutants?

–> How would we finance changes and policies / services locally and to the Federal levels?

Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 08-19-08
Cricket House Studios, 2008, USA1
“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible.”