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Fixing your own durn cart, car or device for gettin around – (part2)
Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2007, 2008

* If I have a car that isn’t running right, which is usually – and the kind I got when I got no money – the first thing I do is check the sparkplugs.

* Its amazing what a little Dawn dish soap will do.

* I had a car that got four miles to the gallon when I got it. I finally got rid of it when it was getting four gallons to the mile and two quarts of oil to even get going.

* I think 30 biscuits to the mile is about what I get now. That’s ‘cause I’m walking.

* The number one best way to save on gas money is to get rid of the durn car and walk where you’re going.

* Its easier too, but don’t expect to do it without a drivers’ license. Apparently walking any distance from your own driveway in the United States requires identification or sitting in jail and paying a fine becomes your new got no money vacation opportunity.