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Brainstorming some more alternative transportation and energy ideas –
Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2008

A boat could be made out of old newspapers or pages from phone books using chicken wire or? for support and permeating the pages with either polymer or plastic (acrylic) paints that dry into a permanent film.

Fully sealed by the polymer or paint, the multiple layers of paper would adhere because they are porous and become a full sheet at least 1/4  thick. Would this work for an automobile housing / cabin material? It seems that it would and there would be a cushioning effect in it especially by strengthening with other strong, lightweight materials.

For a motor on either, using the kinetic motor of the form ball pendulum transfer or “Tesla” flashlight design, possibilities exist to move it by kinetic rather than potential or combustion system motion or by a small electric motor.

However, solar panels could be incorporated into external and some internal panels to do some of the work. Or, a small rotary engine whose full housing is created from lightweight carbon impregnated cloth / fiber or poured polymer with carbon/titanium nanoparticles within the polymer substrate.

Considering the levitation of a magnet in hyper cooled conditions – does it have any lift capacity? Could it in size provide the lift for a surrounding housing and vehicle with occupants and baggage – thus averting all friction except against the air? Motion could then be provided by bursts of air or in the case of a boat – by vacuum and thrust of water?

Pendulum / fulcrum alternating hammer offset
Kinetic Motor
Electro – Magnetic field provides lift

See images –

notes and drawings about alternative energy options - 2008 - cricketdiane

notes and drawings about alternative energy options - 2008 - cricketdiane

stored energy in “super ball” and golfballs?

Skids of composite material (remember sliding on cds) –> possibilities include oiled carbon, high tensile strength iron? Polymerized? – see snow mobiles & skidoo water equipment in existence / skateboard wheels are using?

–> instead of tires – use balls / inline skate design but 6-7 balls instead with motors inside (electric)
what does calcium / bone / calcium tetraoxide do? Could it be combined in chem reaction to release oxygen component for combustible thrust or for jet propulsion system? What could be done with nitrogen compounds in air already? Plasma?

–> just the way insulation tubing is made with air introduction / bubbles (swimming noodles & pipe insulation) couldn’t metals be done the same way by injection bubbles of air into the hot metal inside a mold and cooling it super fast? To use as buoyancy tubes for boat hulls and as ballast by filling the foam-like core with water (or as lightweight frame members for vehicles to remove significant weight while retaining structural integrity and strength?)

hand pump / bellows style pump
create a vacuum that draws the water in and then pushes the water out in one burst of thrust

(What about the natural friction & drag of air used for propulsion)  –> cars / trucks, etc. could a thing be created to gain traction on the actual friction against air particles? – to cause it to pull along the particles / air structure / molecules in air?

Would it be possible to make a constant positive charge along the front intake of the system & maintain a constant negative charge further into the system to pull out contaminants to use as fuel or use the + –> – discharge of neutrons and electrons as a harness for propulsion system?

–> what if fiber optics cables collected sunlight and returned it to a photovoltaic elsewhere – say from skylights in the house or a solar collector on a car?

By Cricket Diane C Phillips, 08-01-08