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Alternative Energy –
2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips

Is it possible to take the technology from maglev trains, light rail systems and levitated monorail / high speed trains to use for individual cars?

Running two struts from the body of the vehicle, one channeled inside the other – could have an electrified plate at the end of the strut used as a skid with a protective insulation on the under side of the plate where it would sit on the road surface. This plate when electrified would create a magnet with N to S poles front to back of plate using wires run down through the strut set. Above on upper strut casing and attached to vehicle underbelly – with plate electrified the same way with same polarity over same to force outer strut sleeve upwards –> this would

(To) remove significant weight from skids and allow a different propulsion system to be used, either air or chemical based to push the vehicle forward against friction of air or ground rather than using mechanical motion components.