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How To Fix Yer Own Durn Car & Other Thangs Tools R Good Fer –
Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2007, 2008

1.  If you cain’t git to it – bang it with a hammer.

2.  If it still rolls – it ain’t broke.

3.  Concrete blocks are your friend. If it needs a lift – it needs a concrete block. This ain’t hard to figure out.

4.  Don’t put the concrete blocks on a hill unless you wanna learn to do body work.

5.  If you forgot and put them blocks on a hill – Bondo is your friend. (At least till you gotta sand it.)

6.  When somebody tells you where you can git it fixed real reasonable – say, yeah, you can and keep on working on it yerself. Borrow their tools while they’re there being so helpful.

7.  When you git to the part you don’t know – check to see if anybody’s looking . . .