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Fourteen places to make money –
Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2008

1.  Take the Area Occupational Wages pamphlet or from the Department of Labor online sources (by state) and use is to target potential customers making over $20 – $25 per hour.

2.  Using this target audience, introduce products and services directly to them online through the websites, brochures, magazines, distributors and retailers already in place to reach them.

3.  Customize products and services specifically to these niche audiences. Coffee cups having sayings, emblems and ideas suited to them are more likely to interest them, etc.

4.  Find a target audience in person / on site by finding announcements of events in the area that are drawing them to participate. Using this venue, introduce the business / product / service using this opportunity. T-shirts can be sold appropriate to the audience, so can books and specialties.

5.  Tailor whatever the product or service to the specific target audience or use the basis of common ground to interest them. While discussing meetings, coffee will be served and every one there is missing someone or something else.

6.  Facilitate cooperation, analysis and brainstorming among participants involved in a common event, association or vocation / hobby / business. This helps create networks of consumers that provide a database of possible sales.

7.  Go where money runs like rivers flowing into an event, mall, highly trafficked sports or entertainment venue, trade show or similar to approach participants with availability of some specific need during the show or that will make their life better after the show.

8.  Use a theme of commonality, such as an interest – like, camping, love of animals, pets, hobbies, types of cars or activities to customize products and services. Then, target these audiences through events, publications and websites where they are involved or through stores that already attract them.

9.  Provide a service needed by everyone at least once a year or better yet, once a month. This is the basis of sales for more items in the marketplace than anything else. People do want funnel cakes when at a craft festival and they will pay for something their children can do while there.

10. Create a convenience that doesn’t exist currently but is much needed. Anything that can save time for a reasonable cost will make people’s lives more organized and do-able. To target this audience, find stress free topics and stress reduction topics and contribute there.

11. Offices and industries are a captive audience with continuing needs, some of which are being served and some which are useful and not being served. This is a good target through online high readership, interactive forums and office product websites where goods are being sold already.

12. The most creative, personable character that touches the common thread of experience with most people can be the basis for entire lines of products, opportunities and uses. However, until this character has an association with people seeing it, getting to know it and kindling a response to it – the character has little value. Target any common-theme areas for application and audience.

13. Style creates sales, money and opportunities. To target a style to a specific audience, find the places where products are already being introduced to these audiences and either use them or by-pass them using off-shoot branches of these arenas. A tv show or sitcom can introduce a product.

14. How to tell everyone at once about a product, service or business? Use television broadcast / cable opportunities through existing shows and audiences, including news, new product shows, talk shows, sitcoms and reality shows. Then, know it has to be in front of those audiences more than once in order to work and be backed up by web access to it and a strong web presence along other avenues to be credible.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 08-09-08, USA
Cricket House Studios 2008