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Focal Point Sun Collector –
Energy Source Possibility –
Created by Cricket Diane C Phillips 072208

focal point
Sun collector
fine point upon confined space

typical use of magnifying glass for concentration of light source

air in – heats by sun
Increased pressure by expansion
Increased heat from sun’s energy

air intake = one-way valve

heated air expands when collected sunlight envelopes cavity below collector and bounces around mirrored surfaces (shiny metal interior surface where focus has brought in collected sunlight and heat).

Expanding heated air forces out along narrowed corridor through expansion valve which only opens at a specific pressure point –> creating nozzle bursts of heated air

vacuum thus created sucks in more air to be heated = will result in pulses of air bursts for useful powering / energy to use as propulsion, mechanical motion and to turn generator mechanism for electric power generation.

** another possibility could use the physical expansion of the heated air to convert into motion using a bladder type apparatus that would inflate and act as a bellows or physically move a unit of mechanical system

Written by and created by Cricket Diane C “sparky” Phillips, on July 22, 2008, USA
Cricket House Studios, 2008