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Creating A Flow –
Methods And Processes –
2008, Cricket Diane C Phillips

The first thing that happens is trying to find a way to keep doing everything in the same ways without changing but without the disadvantages and / or consequences.

However, a moment comes when the goal shifts to the desired results with the desired outcome paramount while avoiding the undesired consequences takes over.

At this point – change, exploration and discovery becomes key and the flow of creative energies can take place.

Secondly, there is an ebb and flow that occurs as results indicate some desirable and undesirable aspects of attempted changes.

Often this is where one reverts back to the original ways of doing things for comfort or to regain bearings or in lack of willingness to move forward in the process.

Opening the flow actually occurs here at this stage in the process. The tentative and faltering steps of beginning are retaken quickly and real progress begins.

Re-establish goals and let go of how it has to be done to be done right. Let go of why it must be done a certain way and strip away qualifiers like convenience, shoulds, simplicity and any other that restrain the accomplishment.

Start with ‘good enough’ and work from there. The idea that the finished product, goal or the accomplishment of the goal must be anything beyond ‘workable’ simply hinders the process.

Do one thing differently. Work on ‘thinking on your feet’ as the occasion arises. Do whatever is customarily done in the same way in some specific way differently. Reach out rather than in, at least once every day.

Let go of the necessity of comfort and explore the unusual landscape of doing things differently. The more comfortable the process becomes, the more changes will naturally occur.