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Creating A Flow
2008, Cricket Diane C Phillips
07-19-08, 07-20-08

of –>
why – 1
moral dilemmas – 2
importance – 3
methods & process – 4
adjustments to results – 5
other avenues – 6
why it won’t work, regardless – 7
it will work, in spite of – 8
opening the full flow quickly – 9

10 – Strange truths are better than fiction.
11 – How to tell the difference between truth and lies.
12 – Never judge a book by its cover . . .

Creating a flow means in this case, to open the internal and external flows of energies such that they meet and interact freely. To harness this for profit and have fun doing it is the point of this written guideline.

Now, to construct this – I want to use the actual basis of facts that I know already and maybe back it up with information from other sources (maybe).

Of –>
This is to define what kind of flow is described, however the information could pertain generally to several areas including creativity, energy, money, effort, originality, products, markets, internal landscapes of the psyche, intellectual abilities, psychic and spiritual energies, or I suppose, water given the impetus by removing constraints.

A restrained flow of creativity, originality, thinking, creative energies, spiritual energies, efforts and intellectual abilities is no different than a dam constraining those energies from emerging into the world surrounding it. This isn’t all that complicated. A blank sheet of paper is all that is needed to prove it. Either the flow does or doesn’t happen onto the page. Either it is full, evenly distributed and open or it is not, and is hindered in some way. This is easy enough to find out.

Pick any subject matter at hand, a blank piece of paper and a pencil, begin writing thoughts concerning the subject matter. Come back to it after ten minutes away and add more thoughts. Are the thoughts easy to grab and convey to the paper? Or are they stumbling or fragmented?

1.  Why –
There are all sorts of reasons why flows of energy, ideas, innovation, inventiveness and creativity need to be freely flowing and many reasons why it doesn’t happen freely. It could take a lifetime of sorting out the internal subconscious barriers to this flow. In the meantime, a lot more of the efforts could restore an open creative flow and let a historical look decide what had hindered it.

2.  Moral Dilemmas –
The real moral dilemma is wanting to do what is in each of us to do while dithering away in a community thoroughly uninterested in it and more fond of the finished product than the process. However, there is a responsibility inherent in what each of us are uniquely suited to do which overrides the status or lack thereof, the wherewithal or lack thereof, the belief of possibility in those around us or the lack thereof, etc., etc., etc. . . . The “slippery slope” of why the individual is not able to freely interact creatively, successfully and inventively is not the real question.

An open flow of energy is a birthright. It happens anywhere in any circumstance by design of the human spirit. Unrestrained, it creates commerce, profits, business, inventions, innovations, efforts, power, elegant solutions, energy to accomplish and wondrous accomplishments. This isn’t random and the will hardly begins to have the ability to harness it. Opening the flow is as simple as creating or deciding upon a target or goal or idea and sometimes, a desire. Maintaining that flow is as concrete as simply not hindering it when it happens.

3.  Importance –
Without the input of each individual in some respect, everyone loses and is more vulnerable to the greater needs in the society. There is no way to know which or where or how many will be needed to create workable solutions to critical problems. The unique vantage point, intelligence, common sense, creativity and perspective of the individual standing at the top of a cliff defines elements unseen and therefore unknown to those standing across the field away from the edge or those standing on the rocks below. It is wiser to have all the viewpoints and opinions and ideas from that scenario than to rely only on those camped in the field regardless of their ideologies and status in the group. That is why having a freely interacting flow of energies, creativities, innovations and ideas will always have a critical element of importance to it. No human guess, no matter how relevant and educated can determine which will make the defining difference in the highest survival rate of the group or create the greater good and benefit for all.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

Cricket House Studios, 07-19-08, USA1

“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible Every Day.”