Is there any way to talk ya’ll into not ever using the word “bubble” again to describe these clearly devastated economic factors and indicators?

The “bubble” is not even a good lie anymore. It was not intended to explain anything we are seeing now.

When “experts” are allowed air time and public access in companies meant to advise investors and others about economic conditions, there is inherent to that position – a responsibility to be knowledgeable – opinion has nothing to do with it.

Clear and honest advice and representations of the facts and what they really do mean is required. This isn’t an option, it isn’t based in opinions and it isn’t appropriate or legal to misrepresent these facts.

Look at what these “experts” said in February and March of this year when very obviously there was every evidence that we were heading into an economic disaster. This event horizon was not only predictable, it was indicated in factual, evidence across huge sectors and every indicator in our economy.

This isn’t rocket science and it isn’t hard to figure out. Even the least educated citizen in America and our children with their lack of experience and knowledge could see there was and is a serious problem.

What peeves me most about this is that – for several years the international economic community told US experts, authorities, regulators and our government leaders that there was a growing problem in America’s economy. They showed them all the evidence that there were shoddy and criminal accounting practices being used in our banking and financial business houses.

These authorities in the US were shown over and over again that our dollar was sitting on a failing precipice without any system or plan to back its value. They were told to fix it and to stop these illegal profit re-valuing practices. The international teams last year demanded the US fix the problem through a serious re-working of some specific areas of concern.

The US financial community and government entities involved were given highly educated and practical solutions that would’ve worked to fix it before our economy dissolved into a third-world status, a depression or both.

And, what do we, as Americans get for all this effort both here and around the World?

We get to see a few enjoy the lifestyles of the aristocracy while we walk by an abundance in our groceries and stores without any money to afford any of it.

We watch our leaders fly all kinds of shitty projects to serve themselves and their own interests and friends while none of us get to own our own homes or build opportunities for ourselves.

We watch our laws and regulations be used to the inth degree to chattel us while any applicable law and regulation fails to apply in any form to our government decision-makers, business buddies of theirs, financial institutions and other “favored” classes.

And, we get to watch as our families become homeless, our children and their families become homeless, huge sectors of our population are unemployed, our businesses at every level are going bankrupt and failing and our opportunities to have a better life are being destroyed.

And, we watch all of this while a few “fellow citizens” make decisions that affect us all which are counter-productive to a healthy economy in the United States and around the World so that they can profit at our expense now and in the future.

Who do they think they are?

We do the work, we get their goods and services to them, we buy their products and we keep them in business or in office.

We pay their salaries, we are the investors in their companies, we are the hounds that fetch for them and get for them what is needed to do their jobs, and we are the ones whose backs they are standing on to be where they are.

What are they thinking will happen that is so merry and delightful – do any of them really believe that in the reality they’ve created – they are safe and free of accountability for what they are doing? The day is here when we know that enough is enough and our aristocratic rule must end.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 06-23-08
“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible every day.”