You know, I watch your coveted positions that are insulated and isolated from the worlds you serve. I believe all of us in America, know how untouchable you are behind your fortress walls in corporate America. We know that of hundreds of millions of lives you affect everyday, that you are unapproachable, unreachable and unattainable where you have positioned yourself to sit. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that.

However, the little protected world where you live is no bigger than my own, no matter how grand and free it seems. That you have money for what you do and typically, I do not, means very little in the greater scheme of things. That you enjoy the flow of rivers of money from where you sit and are protected by the walls of people, resources and limited access you’ve built is certainly worthy of note. It must give you a false sense about the world where all of the rest of us live.

Right now, I’ve lived in a city and in the country of my birth that is closed to me. My daughter in New York sits at a women’s shelter in the Bronx, where, too, the resources of employment, opportunity and lifestyles available in New York and in the country of her birth, America, are closed to her and closed to her talents, skills, experience and knowledge.

The unfortunate part of all this, is that you and those around you, the worlds and the markets you serve, as well as, the nation where we live need to know what we know. Without this information about what we have experienced, learned and created as solutions to real life, real-world, real-time situations in America and the solutions we have (and are) creating, you and your gifts to the world will continue to fall short of their targets and far short of their true potentials.

Now, I realize, as everyone probably does, that you think you have every thing and every access to anything you need. That may seem to be true from where you are sitting, but you are slighted by that very perspective. Not everyone in America is pretty, handsome and “right” looking as you are. In fact, most are having to conduct their lives just as they are, whether good-looking or not. Many, many people have problems and situations they can’t throw money at to solve or don’t have the money to use for solving them. There are other ways to approach these matters than the perspectives that you and your staff members can offer.

We are at a historic time in America. I can help, my daughter homeless in NY can help, each of my other children have ways of creating unique and practical solutions to help also and with our real knowledge about living in America, you could excel beyond measure. We really are a bit different and if people will stop trying to force us to be cured of our difference – that ability to use our experiences differently than you do could be of real help to America’s current dilemmas

We cannot extend our hands to you. It has not ever been made possible at your insistence on being insulated from the masses. However, when you get off your dead ass and decide to do it – I am asking for three things:

1.  Treat us fairly, equitably and with honesty, respect and decency.
2.  Extend a reasonable amount of your resources to us in a fair market value for our interacting with you and any of your uses of it.
3.  Give us gifts because we like them and include tours and explanations of your worlds and experiences, your hopes and dreams long forgotten and goodies that will make our lives more tolerable, effective and enjoyable.

And yes,
We do accept money and will require you to be fair with us about that. But, know this – there isn’t enough money in the full breadth of your world to buy what we know, what we can create and what we can inspire in you and around you – so, as we work together, keep in mind that we (and I do mean, each of us individually and collectively) know you are more savvy about such matters and hold you personally accountable to that knowledge. And, so will everyone else in the world when it gets right down to it.

Thanx so much for your time –

Let me know when you are ready and as I can be of any help to you,

If you happen to decide to send anyone to locate my daughter at Franklin’s, please do listen to the way she tells you what is happening to people in America because it is the truth, no matter how odd it may sound at first. She is a Golden Child and holds vast knowledge, ability and real-life experiences, creative solutions that work, creative and novel approaches to problem-solving, and cusses, as I do when we talk about the real world where we live and you really, really do need to know these things and have open access to them in order to help America now.

Thank you,
Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips
Cricket House Studios, 2008
06-19-08, USA
“Creating the Impossible from the Tangible every day.”

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