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With the help of my daughter A and Baby J, we turned my house upside down to clean, organize and vacuum everywhere. I live in a large 1 bedroom condo that is very small for what I am doing in it with art, business, inventing and other things like that happening all the time.

That means, that whenever something is restructured, everything gets shifted around to somewhere else. As work areas were pulled down and created anew with different forms, focuses and work spaces, I grabbed things in peril and moved them.

Now, on my bathroom counter sits a lot of what I consider my “special” stuff and seeing it there everyday has reminded me that maybe I am different in a lot of ways. There are so many things I find important and special which are nothing to others around me and that mean nothing to many people in their ways of viewing things.

Maybe I’m not supposed to understand that and perhaps it is not wrong to like and to appreciate what I like. What I consider “special” is an odd collection of things from the natural world and a set of man-made things given to me by my children over the years. I also like the science, inventing and knowledge tools I’ve acquired and tools for creating things where I live. And, things my children have made for me or written for the world and me.

So, I have a dragonfly, tiger cicada, wasp and grasshopper in a six-sided clear container and a small green garden snake, long dead in a glass potpourri case sitting on moss and flower petals. And, the roses and rose petals, that my son, S gave me for mothers’ day long ago. I have rocks and flat fall leaves that still have their color which I pressed in a book and a perfect fern frond from many years ago which I’ve saved from the day I found it.

There are beautiful things that my children have chosen for me and that they have made for me, along with some they made which I claimed because I like them. There are my sand dollars that daughter S brought me from the beach and sand and seashells and a malachite jaguar that was made by hand by an artist in North Carolina. And, a beautiful white porcelain winged dragon with gold accents and a bow tie that daughter K gave me for an occasion, maybe four or five or ten years ago.

Time simply isn’t the same in my world and a day that I’m living is greater than counting the days that came before it. I live where I live and if it is here, it is here and I play with it, enjoy it, do with it or change it to do what I can. If a person or thing is not here, well . . . it will get here when it gets here. In the meantime, my favorite things are those “special” stuff items that are now sitting on the bathroom counter out of the action zone but where I can see them.

There is a telling story about my sense of priorities. Last fall, I was showing my work at a regional antiques festival and painting while on location there over the course of four days. Each evening when we closed up the booth, I left my art and took all my tools, paints, paintbrushes and drafting table and easels home. There was a friend that asked me why not leave all that there since we would be back the next morning and well, I just couldn’t do it. I would’ve been upset if my works had been ruined but I absolutely wouldn’t take even a chance on losing the tools I use to create them.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 06-18-08, USA1

Cricket House Studios, 2008

“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible every day.”

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