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About Poverty and Thinking –
2008 Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips
06-03-08 USA1 [cd]21

I’ve met some people over the years that truly live in poverty. And, it seemed to have less to do with how much money they had and more to do with something else.

In every case, these people had more money consistently available to them than I did. Yet, they were impoverished in their mentality about it, in their choices and in their lifestyles.

Some of it steered choices and priorities such that nothing else was possible in these people’s lives. The same $5 can buy one really big lush towel on sale or one meal one time at McDonald’s. Guess which one they would choose while saying they could only afford old, frayed, “couldn’t get the water off the floor with it” towels to use every day.

In my house, although it took six months to do it, each of have two good towels. For awhile, they were color choices based on which of us they belonged to. And, that works. If one was dirty, the other one was used. If found stuffed under the bed, it was easy to tell who was responsible to correct it. I guess we missed going to McDonald’s a few times but it feels so right to come out of a bath and put a nice new towel next to the skin that a sense of abundance is in it.

Without much money, it is very easy to fall into despair about it. Anything that can engage the senses daily to express abundance is helpful to alleviate impoverished futility thinking. This is desirable because many, many messages of worth in our world today imply the idea that value of a life and the worth of a person is based on how much money they have or can generate.

I have noticed that time, actions, activity, choices and engagement in one’s own life has the greater value and determines what happens with the life that is, by nature, valuable whether recognized or not.

I used to hear the basic excuse for insanity of purpose and drive to be the old adage about the tree falling in the forest without anyone to hear it. Did it make a sound or not? That is some real poverty thinking that created this adage and its implied meanings. I’m sure the plants below it that were crushed heard it coming and any other creatures capable of moving out of the way.

Mankind has not defined sound nor sound waves, merely studied what was already here and interpreted it. The world we live in is one of abundance. Why would anyone sit with their child in thirst and curse the rain, not even collecting it to drink when capable of doing so?

What is that, if not poverty at a very basic level of thought, interpretation and reasoning? We are all creators, by design. The world we live in and the moments of time we have are infinity today.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
Cricket House Studios, USA1 – USAX1 – {cd}21