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More Thoughts for the Dimensionally Challenged –

Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

  1. The Volume of Space Available Increases Exponentially depending on critical factors which are, a.) length of time waiting for it to be on sale, b.) the words, “clearance, clearance, clearance” marked on its surface, and c.) the degree of degree of desire to own it.
  2. The “Domino Effect” is an average of the times factor involved in shifting any one item in a limited space which increases exponentially all other items which are required to be moved in order to accommodate it.
  3. In every home, there is a castle that is waiting to be explored with a multitude of rooms, spaces and secret places based in part on the owner’s or viewer’s ability to exceed the perceptions of limited capacity.
  4. The human mind is designed to perceive a three-dimensional world by learned perceptions of time, space, viewpoint and external reference interpretations. What is it truly, if it turns out those interpretations are faulty?
  5. Distance can accurately be measured as the length of space between two points until such time that, a.) you’re running late for work, b.) you’re nearly out of gas, or c.) both. At such time, distance enters a whole new dimension of time and space – occasionally defying the laws of physics as we believe them to be and often surpassing “known” quantities.
  6. “You cain’t get there from here,” commonly used in Southern territories of the United States is, in fact, true – no matter how you do it. With directions to a tree that no longer exists, through a holler which is now a parking lot for a shopping mall and 1500 streets named Peachtree for ridges in the land they define, its a dimensionally challenged landscape for the reality impaired.
  7. Finding point a, point b, and intersection of the two at reference point c is not a triangulation in a dimensional world with base point using reality. It is rather a progressive mapping of the McDonalds and Wal-Marts between here and there with at least one stop for cheap petrol on the other side of the road three blocks around to get in the parking lot because of a “no left turns” insignia in front of it.
  8. The faster a vehicle travels in any given straight line along an otherwise flat surface without grade, the higher the dimensionality of time is exposed.
  9. The dimensional value of walking reaches farther along every distant point than those of any and all other modes of transportation not only in perception but also, in fact. Sound, light, distance, thought, perception, daydreaming, planning, physical touch of the air and surface under foot exceed all parameters of time and distance, making it an inappropriate experience for the dimensionally challenged and the dead-heading of normal driving skills.


“Along any straight line in a given period of time, there is a phenomenon that occurs which is ill-defined by science. It is the example of ordinary life that unfolds within constraints, as both ordinary and extraordinary simultaneously.

Either the definitions conceived by intellect, theory and science are faulty or they have missed or dismissed the depth, height and breadth of the complexity and infinite tangible realities inherent in the “here and now” moment along that straight line.” -cricket diane c sparky phillips

For the Cricket Diane Quote of the Day –

“We will always be a little on the racy side – off the wall, off the cuff and off the map. We can always construct some ways to work together that work for all of us. We really do have more than enough of the dimensionally flat – let’s use the full scope of all we are now. It may be the only thing that saves our collective asses and assets.”

– quote by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 05-30-08

Written in its entirety by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 2008

Cricket House Studios, ATL1 – USA1 – USAX1 – 05-30-08

“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible every day.”