On Integrity – On Choices and Stuck on Stupid – USA
By Cricket Diane C “Sparky A’Sparkle” Phillips, 2008

Integrity is not supposed to be an uncommon, unusual nor unique trait. It is a characteristic that encompasses more than consistency and performance statistics. Those two components rarely prove a thing, in and of themselves. Any good con-artist intending to cause undue and unreasonable harm to another can usually manage to contrive the reasonable appearance of those two qualities.

True integrity means that not everything I do is to impress you or anyone, in fact. Integrity actually does mean an undying, unassailable knowledge of accountability. It serves as the guiding foundation of principle for decisions and the actions which result from those choices. It belongs always and eternally in me right this moment, no matter who I am or who the world perceives me to be. And, this is true for each of us whether we accept it or not.

The determination of my integrity although exampled sometimes in decisions, actions and consequences of choice is not a matter of opinion. Neither mine nor anyone else’s opinions will ever reflect the true characteristics of integrity that were present at the moment of choice. For that I am responsible, and no shift of perception nor change of anyone’s opinions will ever alter that moment of fact regardless of the outcome and consequences of the decision.

It is true, whether the eventual impact is positive, negative, consequential or seemingly, inconsequential. Every thing each of us does or does not do sends ripples out across a vast and infinite landscape of time and event horizons / scenarios. Not one of us chose to live and not even the first of us created itself. This is an absolute in the theory and applied science of living integrity, human life and dynamic interpolations as such must include it.

True integrity accepts this responsibility not as justification to deceive the conscience but rather as accountability to it. There are no other constants that each of us ultimately endure each waking moment throughout eternity. It is likely that this eternity began sometime yester-years before this day and extends far beyond the scope the mind can perceive of it, in this and every moment of the now being lived. That is the tangible accountability of reason, action and choice.

Where my integrity moves beyond now is never fully mine to determine – what I do with it is. As human beings living in a sea of now eternal, each of us is a complex dynamic organism with strengths and weaknesses. Any of which may be utilized in the correct time and measure to create choices and decisions which enhance even weaknesses into assets, and conversely – strengths into assets or liabilities depending on use, measure and timing. Integrity demands, by its nature, that we actively consider our interpretations of events in a broader template. The choice is ours.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
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