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In response to a news story about the case between Mattel and MGA Entertainment – May 2008

The case is Bryant v. Mattel, 04-9049, U.S. District Court, Central District of California (Riverside.)

Mattel Says MGA Entertainment Hid Origins of Bratz (Update1)

I always just assumed they had stolen them from me. I created the brat kids which you see in these attachments, in 1984. I live in Atlanta suburb, Marietta and have had to live with roommates over the years. I’ve also had some things that were originated by me, walk out with some “friends” that felt money was a little more important than integrity. This was especially true between 1997 and 2001, but not because I was careless with the designs. They’ve been in a notebook of my art from the 1984 – 1985 period of character designs and also in a box which I just took from the attic.

Anyway, I’ve thought the “Bratz” dolls looked an awful lot like my original designs which these are – I also have another one or two in a box of drawings from the same time period. I almost never think, Oh maybe I should show somebody or something, but when I saw the story reported over one of the news stations tonight, I looked it up on your website and it may be that there is a good reason that the alleged “designer” and MGA have differing and changing stories about where they originally got the design.

Okay, so now I’m not sure what to do next, but I suppose it would be good for the judge in the case to see these somehow – to make some educated decisions in the case a little more clear. However, I looked up the case on google and believe it or not, have no idea how to approach the judge or jury to add this evidence or anything. They certainly dressed up the concept and I love the dolls they made from them. But, I really do think that access to my designs may have been the original source of the design.

This attachment set show the designs. Please let me know or send them to the judge in the case, please. Or, I don’t know. And, I’m so smart about some things . . .

Thanks so much,
Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
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