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I just keep wondering why any of these people would want to give up their Saturdays for this job? All things considered and the pretty furniture in the White House aside, I think they all have fought long and hard enough to deserve the job. Really, we could use the whole team of them in the White House having to make it work (together).

Do you know that these four people have subjected us to more bull than the markets on any good day? It has become a ridiculous interplay of no one’s home for business in America.

And, I think the World scoffs and laughs in their sleeves at us for being so high-minded when it comes to their politics, issues, civil and human rights policies and everything else – and then when it comes right down to it, we act like there is no room anywhere in our system for tolerance & intelligent consideration of anything. And, unfortunately, our actions are speaking louder than our words.

The fact that so many of us would interpret what is said by any candidate in the manner we see fit rather than as it is intended speaks of no high-minded intentions of honesty, thought nor respect for anyone. These candidates are doing what we could not, did not and would not. Every one of them get up earlier than we do, endure what we wouldn’t even put up with for a day, in attending events – eating strange food in places far removed from familiarity and tolerating some of the stupidest questions ever faced by any member of the human race – let alone a political one.

Personally, I think we need to hire all of them as President and keep the President we currently have and all his staff, cabinet and agency heads plus add in all the Presidents that are alive who have served – then make them lead this mess out of insanity and into wealth, prosperity, safety and some workable plan we can live with for awhile.

They deserve to have to live in the White House together and work with that train-wreck of a Congress we have. There are serious crises affecting us more every hour of every day and before we are all slaves to those losses – it would be nice to see some of this energy used to solve problems. (Not issues – PROBLEMS – that are quickly deteriorating into an impassable tipping point.)

Never mind – just venting. . .
Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

I wrote the comments above – however – I have found a word that describes the current political campaign dynamics in use by the Demover / Come n Get me / Democratic Party bunch –

It is called “Political Particularism”
found here:

(on page 2)
“A politics of group identity that trumps universal rights and therefore the rights of minorities or any other kind of ‘other.’ In Particularism the decisive factor of politics becomes religious and ethnic identity and the interests of the communities defined by these bonds. Instead of the ideas and values of political Pluralism with its emphasis on universal rights, separation of religion and the government and an ethic of religious and ethnic tolerance.”

And, that is what we have before us in the campaigns of these candidates, in Congressional leadership and in the fight for the minds of American citizenry by the Political party strategies and leadership. This is why our Congress is deadlocked on every issue except what to do for lunch every day they are in session. It sure would help to get a bit of clarity in our Press about this and its eventual impact on our country (of intolerance, shame, shaming, humiliation, degradation of ethics and overwhelmingly, of having the power to filibuster and stalemate us right into disaster.)

– Thanks so much for all your efforts –
cricketdiane (sparky)


I am putting on my wordpress blog a little piece out of a booklet from 1963
called, “Meetings Begin With People”, by J.Donald Phillips/ Laurence J. Taylor,
Published 1963, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan.

Scanning it will have to suffice and I didn’t want to add an attachment here, so
I will quote what seems pertinent – although it is about hosting – it separates fact from fiction when
it describes leadership qualities and practice –

“You can lift the hosting function into a true leadership status by the way in
which you approach the training of the hosts . . .[and on and on] . . .The
resulting friendly atmosphere was so contagious that it spread to members who
unconsciously joined the hosting forces. Whether the group with which you are
entrusted is six thousand or sixteen, we urge you to select the hosts with care
and give them thorough training.

The methods for Hosting have been spelled out. The spirit of Hosting depends
upon your own leadership belief in the importance of the Individual.”

This appears on the last page of the booklet and while politics go on – there
needs to be an obvious remedy applied for the apparent lack of tact and
leadership skills across the board. Although stimulating in action to watch and
enjoy the spirited performances in gifted public speaking skills – this is not
leadership qualities of representative skill sets. That this is an election campaign
for our next United States President, which by virtue of the fact that we are
citizens, we will serve – it is truly necessary to increase the skill levels of
all candidates in these areas of leadership abilities and common sense – along
with its universality of judgement, decision-making and ethics.

Please see to it –
Thankyou, always your friend,
Cricket Diane C. “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
Cricket House Studios – USA1 – ATL, Ga., USA

This is a copy of an email sent 04-09-08 in some ways indicative of the first notice I really made that there were dirty political uses of information and resources being used in American politics currently crossing that fine line from reasonable to something else. I am sharing it here because apparently 90% of the people who shouldn’t have read it – already have and I thought it might provide some useful information.


Thanks to all of ya’ll trying to get the real deal out to folks – and someday – I’m coming down to visit ya’ll -maybe soon – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips – 040908 USAX1
Wednesday, April 09, 2008 8:52:10 AM

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Jonica –

The ability you have to interact with a phone call, off the cuff, considering
where you work – and not be short-tempered, rude or inhospitable was and is
absolutely amazing. I would have to say that ya’ll are having way too much fun
up there to be working – call them big dawgs off the porch now, ya’ll – we got
work to do.

There is a little item on the website that came from AP about the “mis-use” of
those government spend as you go credit cards – I looked over the thing and the
GAO info that it supposedly was based upon. I noticed the two Congressional seat
warmers that requested it and I want to share something with ya’ll right quick.
This isn’t for public fodder, either.

When I receive info – I do probably about what ya’ll do – I’m skeptical and
critical this time, every time. I also know way more than I should know to be
sitting in poverty and welfare in the State of Georgia, especially about certain
quiet areas of knowledge in the real world. Consequently, I read this report a
little differently than someone that has never seen an Italian restaurant in Atlanta, (in
Buckhead) host a wedding party, paid for by a bunch of office petty funds that
turns into a legal collar zone for about four different branches of law
enforcement including – ATF, FBI, DEA, GOVERNORS’ TASK FORCE on DRUGS and
ORGANIZED CRIME, RICO / BUNCO investigators from 8 different countries and

Now, this has been a while ago and maybe ya’ll were all still playing outside on
the swingset when it happened, but I doubt it. There have been many very basic
items listed on the GAO list as noted in the AP article including the Diplomatic
Corps and Civilians having to be properly dressed for State and Government
required functions of State that indicate – that neither the Senators, the GAO,
the AP reporters nor likely anyone else getting to read it know why some of
those expenditures weren’t illegal, aren’t out of the way and were certainly
necessary and appropriate.

The special lingerie in not only the Ecuador corridor drug enforcement training groups but also in others as well, has more to do
with wearing (as a woman / female field agent) what will be immediately
recognized as government pay attire or drug czar whore attire when all the
clothes come off – which invariably they must during a close quarters undercover
operation among executives in the drug trade. “nuff said, I suppose.

This email is to say thank you for the excellent work you are doing both in
reasonable Sports coverage, and fairly reasonable coverage about bringing
solution-oriented thinking into the homes and vehicles of people that must act
now to get their own lives on a firm foundation financially and otherwise at
this time of crisis.

This email is also to bring to your attention a couple other small matters – one
is, not everyone that works dresses in Brooks Brothers suits and looks just
“right” – It’s a wonder Isaac Asimov was ever allowed to write, to be published,
to be interviewed or to be viewed as a physicist, all things considered but thank God he found a way to do both. He could walk by you in the grocery store
and eavesdrop on your conversation, use it for dialogue in his books and you’d
never even know it was him – nor notice him in a coffee shop piffling about as
if he had no hope of a tomorrow so he would blend into the surroundings anywhere
in the world. That is how it has to be sometimes to get things done and to
support those who can get things done.

I may not always agree with our standing President nor our seated Congress, but
I’ll be damned if I’m going to choose not to support and serve them just because
I may not agree with them. And, I’ll tell you what, sometimes that is really,
really, really hard – especially while everyone around me is acting like
jackasses about it and doing whatever they want to do however they feel like or
don’t feel like doing it because they disagree with D.C. about something. Over
many years, because I was born into the mess at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
in 1958, during not only the Cold War but also during a powerful world-changing Presidency – I can honestly say – I am
not getting paid to do this job or any, but still I do it because if I don’t,
and if you don’t and if anyone that gives a damn doesn’t – then where will it
leave us and what will we have to live with then?

Thanx for doing so much more than “your part” when you didn’t have to –
And for having a great, conscientious team through each and every individual
that is in your group and their efforts,

Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips
Cricket House Studios – 2008

“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible every day for enacting real-life,
real-world, real-time workable solutions that do work.” – quote and brand
identity for Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008 – USAX1 – USA1

And – my blog at wordpress

Has some helpful stuff as well as an Illuminati – Intelligentsia card that you
can print out for everyone you know as long as you don’t sell them for more than
$1.00 or better yet – go give them away and explain them. These are to encourage people to know what I
know – ( I’ll LUMINATIS – if you will . . . ) and sooner or later – things
get better.

I’lluminatis – if you will . . . means – “I’ll Light Up The World, If You Will – and together we will make the world better – a better place for all of us.”

And, the Cricket Diane Quote of the Day –
“Put a little Positive Drama in your life – Live! as if every day is the last, the only, the best, the later.”
– quote from cd9 – cricketdiane c sparky phillips, 05-27-08, USA

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