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Happy Memorial Day Weekend Day –

“Today, has been a very busy day – with hobbies and learning stuff. I thought it might be interesting to post the work (part of it) done since around 7 a.m. today. The previous two posts show the photos of these lessons from College Chemistry being woven into a dynamic new solution set to help our dams around the world to be repaired once they are damaged or compromised in any way.

Hopefully, somehow, some way – I can find a path to the Changhe group to use these ideas to add to their own and others to help China fix the dams within the region that now jeopardize the people already suffering from the earthquake damage. I wish there was an easy way to wrong the ideas of our time with less force, but I’ve long ago given up that effort. It is a waste of time. And, as much as I know that on Memorial Day Weekend, whether disabled or not, I’m supposed to be picnicking somewhere with family or friends – not working on this, I’m glad to be donning the mantle of working on something worthwhile.

Because I live in the United States and serve as a citizen of our country, there is no way I could email the plans and ideas which were the product of today into the Chinese government community without upsetting our operations’ officers here. Consequently, after much thought about it today, I realized the public in our country and around the world have as much right to access this as anyone. I wrote it, I created it, and yes, sometimes my best workshop is in my bathroom because I can smoke cigarettes in there and hoist the smell out the ventilator fan – it is also a bit more private than the rest of my apartment / condo.

Regardless, I work everywhere in the place where I live – no matter where it is. This is just one of many days that I’ve worked on things “cause I can.” Right now, I’m playing Christmas music by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby from a Christmas gift from Mom and Daddy last Christmas that I’ve just now gotten a chance to even play. This seemed like a good day for it – but don’t tell my neighbors that I am aware it isn’t Christmas right now. They wouldn’t necessarily consider it as noteworthy as the fact that they are putting up with hearing those songs one more time coming from my apartment.

The little wire gizmo in the picture is a helix spiral for the atomic complication that I’m working on for the remaining portion of the package that will add information and maybe a little help to the efforts to construct a working system and polyu- compound for fixing these dams and others. We have quite a few that have needed some exceptional repair products for use in extreme conditions, also. There are always some paths to get them to NCGS or somebody.

Anyway, I have encouraged my youngest daughters and my first grand-daughter to have a picnic in their living room today – while they still have a living room around them, and celebrate the holiday with a pic-a-nicka basket on the floor, some sandwhiches and a good old quilt. Hopefully, they will remember how to build a tent fort and show grand-daughter-J what that is like. Sometimes, it takes more patience than I have to work with those girls, but there you go.

Gotta love em. – – – – – and, the first idiot that tells any of them – (my children) – what I’m working on – has had it.

Have a great day – and a great festivity tomorrow.

Gratefully not there. – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008, Atlanta, Ga. USA

Cricket House Studios, 05-25-08

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“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible Every Day.” – Cricket Diane (Sparky) & Cricket House Studios, US