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– Quote from Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
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This is an economics test that I just made up this morning – which is very basic. However, none of the answers have anything to do with confidence in any form as a term of valuation. If your answers are in any perspective based on the idea of “confidence, credibility, and / or housing” – they need to be changed to something else for this test’s answers.

If you know anyone in the government regulating businesses, banks, financial institutions, markets, market analysis or financial investments and financial consultants, – send this test to them by email and ask them to try it out and send you the answers. It should be interesting. This would also apply to any and all that are leading businesses, marketplace activities, stock market activities, financiers and financial advisors, et al.

The test answers will be available on another site than this and the address for them (probably at MySpace or YouTube) will be published later today, 04-27-08. – Changed my mind. It is here.


Written in entirety by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips on 04-27-08

Note – (no reference materials were used for this test – but you are welcome to use any that you need.)

1. What are the seven factors that impact (ECOM) economics?

a.) employment

b.) natural resources

c.) manufacturing & manufacturing capabilities

d.) marketplace dynamics

e.) politics & political atmosphere

f.) research, development, invention; application of

g.) distribution capacities (in markets, in shipping)

2. What are the three factors that determine the value of any and all currencies? (currency)

a.) value of tangible, physical assets, (solvent liquid capital).

b.) capacity to deliver tangible resources, desired resources – (desirable is subjective, desired is not).

c.) drive, ambition, go-get-iveness & innovation appl. (without application, it is nothing.)

3. What is an ( *example ) exceptional, extreme market factor that influences, impacts, and often undermines currency value / valuation of assets?

1.) Raiding tangible assets (short selling them at a heavy discount) to satisfy short-sighted, short term goals – dissolution (of a nation or company).

–> it undermines the asset value (proven consistently).

4. What is the primary factor that influences the market value of all other things?

1.) currency value. (and / this is the value of trade for all other things so therefore, it influences the interactive trading value available to make market interactions for goods, services & resources.)

*** This test is simple and basic, but for those who believe and have been taught that “confidence” determines those values of market place assets and dynamics – it will be hard to shift away from that thinking. Look for the real, tangible values that profitable and true economics / economies utilize for their foundations and in their thinking about those dynamic forces.

Copyright 2008 Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips