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When you decided to accept a position in our Congress, I believe that you went there as a person of conscience to accomplish some things. How about doing it now that you are there.

These things desperately need solutions now – before the Presidential election –

1. The creation of jobs – if not through the free-trade with the rest of the world, then how? Do something that works.
2. Food and especially petroleum and heating oil prices must come down or people will die as a result or be in bad health unable to help themselves, their children, their community.
3. Commodities futures speculation needs to change – it is a gamblers’ game that is destroying world markets and creating unnatural gluts of resources that are unaffordable by the end-user / consumer.
4. The disparity between the life of ease, comfort and security that every Congressional member, aide and staff member knows compared to the reality most Americans are facing and living must be changed. If you can’t see what is wrong – how can you fight with knowledge and conviction to change it?
5. Not only do world markets need to be opened up to our large and small businesses without economic penalties to do business there, but also passport costs, visas and other paper work necessary for US citizens to leave this country and interact elsewhere need to be easy to acquire and less than $10.00 (ten dollars) to get.
6. Education for all – before our colleges and universities close their doors, lay off their academic staffs and while our adult population could still use these academics to educate us more fully and currently, we need accessibility for each and every member of the US in every age group to these educational resources. Long before businesses can compete across international markets, we need our adult population retrained and added training to compete for jobs in the global marketplace.
7. Stop the sovereignty of states as an ideology. Without the “United” in USA – we have no foundation as a nation. It is intended to be an equality of voices balanced by your votes for each of us as you legislate as a federal institution of governance for us. States rights cannot supersede the federal government and cannot be allowed to continue repressing the rights of individual citizens to serve the interests of those states as monarchies.
8. There is a current proliferation of nuclear weapons and weapons arsenal capabilities that are now accessible to regions being destabilized by food prices and fuel prices that are making what are adequate resources into commodities that are beyond the reach of the people intended to be served by them. This is breeding hate, violence, desperation and rioting in areas that are simply not a long reach from arming themselves with intensely effective large decimation weapons, not only nuclear but others types, as well.

In a short time, long before the elections in the U.S. and before you would normally get around to doing anything – this will be a disaster. In some areas and arenas there already is a disaster of historic proportions and magnitudes of critical mass are unfolding now. Anyone that says every thing is essentially fine and this is just a little “bubble” in the markets – is lying intentionally at this point – considering the facts are obvious, visible to all and confirmed.

Unfortunately, your actions & decisions on a great many fronts have directly and indirectly caused this. Your inactions and stalling on a number of key areas have also caused this. You need to fix it before some of those nations facing starvation – including ours – blow away everything we’ve all worked so hard to establish. This economy and Wall Street and its bankers, its financiers, the corporations it represents do not stand in isolation – nor does the United States of America’s Congress and each individual member representing it.

We are sitting on one, very small, round, floating dead rock called Earth in the middle of this moment in history and in the midst of infinity – uselessly you fight the realistic in fact – we are existing in an infinity so vast we are unable to even fully consider it. There is a sad fact that exists as a truth – we have no other place to live in the entire universe and no way to get there.

It will create greater problems to do nothing or to stall for political reasons until after the election. Stonewalling the progress of things that might help change the situation for the better or make it most likely to accommodate the needed changes is also not being done in isolation. History will record what you do and what you do not do during this time, in many internationally recognized interpretations of those results. Why you did it that way at the time, isn’t going to make one bit of difference, as I’ve discovered from personal experience and educated wisdom.

From where I stand, it looks like many in Congress are forestalling, stonewalling, hindering, slowing, distracting, falsely interpreting with intention, disseminating false and distorted information with intention, unethically barring or obstructing, and attaching riders to bills and legislation that are in no way appropriate to it and doing things to strategically bait and switch.
As an example, Congress pretending to legislate concerning executive salaries and compensation packages is wasting valuable and precious time, efforts and resources on an area that is beyond the bounds of anything useful that Congress can do. It is not even in the scope of tangible areas where legislation can mean anything whatsoever. Those wasting our time and resources in this way for any reason need to be censured to stop its aggravation and unnecessary use of resources.

This use of our national resources including time, efforts, knowledge and audience with our Congressional leaders, staff members, aides, and everything around them in the nation including press resources, administrative resources in our government, academic resources in our nation among other things simply to serve the political gain of these individuals at the expense of us all must stop. It is no longer “business as usual.” The situation has changed and time is critical now.

Time is not on our side any longer in any area of concern. When you have served the influences and reality that is immediately evident around you up until now and done so to secure your own advantages, we all know it and have known it – and so has the World community. For each of those choices, you will be accountable sooner or later, that is a fact by nature of the responsibility inherent in the position of power and influence you accepted and hold.

Now, right now, we need you to do what you went there (to Washington) to do. Stop playing games of politics and “business as usual” tactics of power. Get done whatever it is that you as a person of conscience intended to do and get it done right now – as quickly and efficiently as it could never be done before.

I am one of many citizens that does know the difference you can make. While I and others will serve you because you are the members of our seated US Congress and will serve the members of the US Executive Branch with President George Bush at the helm because these are the standing President and executive officers of our country, know this – to play political games with your position is costing all of us dearly in precious time, resources, actions and wise decisions you could make.

Your position and your use of it is costing all of us – each and every one of us – here in the United States and around the World in precious time, resources and decision-making that we must use wisely right now. And, that we must apply and implement right now.

It is in your power and your abilities to do and to accomplish for us all. You are positioned to do so. I’m asking that you do whatever it is that your conscience would guide you to do about these matters, do it intelligently and do so now.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible every day.”
Cricket House Studios – USAX1 – USA1 – 04/21/08 – USA