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I don’t know how or when the idea of individual rights, human rights, civil rights and freedom got connected to socialism in the minds of people who scream “liberalism” whenever the subject is suggested. In what I know and have learned, in socialism – individual rights and freedoms are repressed in the subjugation to the rights of the state.

In a lot of States in the United States of America, that is what we have now and what many of us have been enduring in our states for more than twenty years now. What I see, is that a number of policies and decisions created and supported by conservatives and liberals, inclusively, have served to make this so. We cannot continue to accept a nation that is constituted of 50 separate nation-states sovereign unto themselves and whatever elitist group holds the reigns of power who answer to no one of us, nor to all of us. This means, these states are autocratic in nature and in disregard of our jointly agreed Constitutional basis as a democratic nation and capitalistic society.

In my mind and in what I was taught, democracy goes hand in hand with individual rights and freedoms as well as providing the foundation and protection of individual rights and freedoms. I know it is enhanced and empowered by capitalism and democratic forms of government, not only in theory but truly, in application.

The idea of states rights and sovereignty is unfortunately a premise of socialist structures and it denies a critical and important word of our covenant as a nation – “United”. Over the years of my lifetime, there has been no evidence that every voice represents a vote and every vote being equal hasn’t been honored. That, whatever it is – isn’t democracy.

In a United democracy, every vote counts and together we decide the leaders that will carry our voice into actions. In a democracy, states rights cannot supersede what together we have decided. Individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities as citizens are honored in democratic societies along with each voice being given the merit and equality it is due.

One way I know there is something else in action within our country is this – If an independent candidate won our presidential election this year, we would have no winner because in fact, each individual vote by our citizens does not count equally. Only the votes of the electoral college members count to elect our United States President, Vice President and consequently, the heads of all our government agencies, staff and cabinet members. This does not represent the intentions of our founding fathers nor the letter and intent of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and basic tenets of our agreement to be one nation.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008