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The United States Of America Is A Nation Of Individuals And Of People – Not of Laws –

2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips

Whenever I hear someone say, “We are a nation of laws,” I know that somewhere, somehow they’ve lost touch with the truth. Laws are made for man, not the other way around. It is the people of a nation that make a nation.

And our nation is not made up of laws, nor even in its foundations, as much as I believe in our Constitutional laws that underwrite our freedoms and responsibilities. “We are a nation of individuals – of people.”

Our nation is made up of people and specifically of individuals that together are the true power, foundation and constituents of what we are as a nation. Without people who desire to live in freedom and successfully maintain our nation’s premise of individual rights and freedoms, there would be absolutely no use in laws.

It is the peoples of our nation, its individual citizens, its lives that exist in its borders and within its territories which are the true foundation of our nation. Without them, there exists no state and would be no purpose for government nor laws of any kind.

Capitalism is in service to her people, laws are in service to her people, all forms of government, but especially democracy are in service to her people. Even businesses exist only to serve the interests of people, their needs, their wants, their families and their greater good. Without this, there is what?

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008