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Subconsciously Absorbing Materials & Cross-Referencing – Part II

2008 Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips
Cricket House Studios – USA1

1.  Human beings are goal-driven organisms.

2.  By choice of will the subconscious can be directed.

3.  Using self-hypnosis of relaxation / meditation techniques and counting down / breathing exercises the will can be activated to direct subconscious goals.

4.  Goals must be stated as positives, rather than using the words “not”, “never” or “don’t” in the statements.

5.  The human subconscious is already proven to retain each and every, any and all facts, elements, observations, thoughts, sounds & experiences from its birth into the world throughout its lifetime inclusively.

6.  The subconscious is not known to make judgements of value or priority on information – all is stored.

7.  To cross-reference each and every item in the subconscious as it fits to each and every other item in the internal and external world is requested of the self during meditative self-hypnosis techniques.

8.  I added (for myself) – “give me literacy, knowledge and understanding (immediately or sooner) when I want it.”

9.  Also, I requested that each and every, any and all elements in the future be cross-referenced to every other thing automatically by the subconscious.

10. I re-iterated by intention and will both during self-hypnosis and throughout the day, “this is what I want, for everything to be cross-referenced to every other thing and available to me the moment I want it.”

11. Using games of recall (taught to me by my parents as a preschool child and that I found in books or made up over the years), I practice recall.

12.  For recall to be fluid, automatic and fully integrated, there must be belief that it is possible, goals requesting the information, willingness to accept, honor & pursue what the subconscious offers when asked.

For this entire process to work, it hinges on the way information is treated when recalled & this includes creative, otherwise unrealized applications, solutions, ideas & groupings of elements brought to mind from the subconscious. Demean the information as not fitting the request – the process is thwarted and may not produce results.

Honor the self and subconscious in the process by writing down, checking, going to confirm and physically looking up what the subconscious has offered and the process produces results better each time (and faster). Inclusively accepting all results as “part of” in some way without casting aside any of it establishes a fact that the efforts made have value and are desirable.

Critically analyze the information and its links to other items brought out by the subconscious rather than criticizing or excluding those cross-references and sources. Then, the process is treated respectfully and produces more, better and faster.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008