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Analogic Thought Processing & Comparative Analysis – IV

2008 Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips
Cricket House Studios – USAX1 – USA1

1. Accept all facts, evidence and elements without any theory, justification or reason as they are found.

2. Construct nothing about them – list them and their relationships to one another & larger pictures as is.

3. Take all elements, identifiers and facts as a whole in their entirety, excluding nothing.

4. Note what isn’t as an inclusive part and portion of the whole group or set of elements & facts.

5. Process at will, making free-association comparisons and inter-relating references within set & to larger sets.

6. Re-process those comparisons and set factors along lines of probability and possibilities.

7. Gather more facts to coordinate with known elements as defined by the nature of those elements.

8. Check for subsets, secondary lines of factors present and subsidiary elements also present.

9. Retain all elements as inclusive in a larger field of possibility & cross-reference them.

10. Analyze all results within a framework of comparative relationships and probability factorization.

11. Equate results with cross-check processes for validity, factuality, reality-basis & foundations.

12. Measure results against any & all known scenarios, likelihoods, facts and other measured and tangible results.

That’s it – that is basically the analogic process except for 4 rules that go with it –

1. No defined starting point is required.

2. No holds barred – everything is possible.

3. No logical progression nor exclusion necessary.

4. No fear nor hope serves a purpose here.

If the four rules are utilized throughout the process, it runs smoothly. When it doesn’t run smoothly, I usually look for one of those four rules to have been challenged, ignored or over-ridden. I stop, correct the premise of that rule being broken, then go on with the processing.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible every day.” – quote & brand slogan of CricketDiane
Cricket House Studios – USA – 041408