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2008, Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

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I read all kinds of things all the time –

dictionaries, encyclopedias, databases, phone books, information on packages and products at stores along with manufacturers info and addresses if on the packages,

books, how-to and nonfiction – there is really only a select group of fiction books and science fiction books I’ve ever read, newspapers, websites, magazines, and writings in every language found online and from libraries and thrift stores.

I also read cookbooks, recipes, science, math and engineering stuff, chemistry and new technology publications, patents and info as soon as I can find where they’ve put it. I usually know of it before it gets into the marketplace because I scan the original research on which it is based most of the time.

Yes, I’m an info junkie. I love it and this is what I do for fun.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

P>S> and if you don’t know about Illuminati and Intelligentsia – you ought to get some real information about it, both historically and currently. Not the paranoid, propaganda of the derelicts campaigning for everyone to buy gold and exchange their dollars who own interest in the gold sellers’ companies, but the real information and knowledge that is abundantly clear on these groups of people.

The Intelligentsia and the Illuminati are not an ideology, nor are they coming to take over the world. They are a call to enlightenment, the application of knowledge to create solutions and to make the world a better place – a user friendly place, and they are also walking among you every day in every walk of life and every economic status. You would be surprised to learn that you belong to these two groups as much as I do because it is in you to apply yourself and accomplish great things in your lifetime. That is enlightenment.