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Dear America –

I hate to be the one to tell you this –

“WE ARE UP SHIT CREEK So, do you want to paddle or what?”

– Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips Quote of the Day, 2008

It has occurred to me that this is going to be inconvenient to any and probably all of the citizens and leadership and surviving businesses in the United States (and elsewhere).

However, as uppity as ya’ll are – it looks like we are all going to have to get some oars in the water now. This means you . . . and everyone you know, even if they think this will all correct itself and get all better.

So, my question is –

“Do you want some paddles (oars) for that boat, or not? Are you really content to sit in that boat while it sinks?”

Check out my next post – For The Sake of Literacy and apply yourself to learning these methods of taking in and processing the information and know-how that is around you. Then, start paddling your boat to some dry land please.

This is really ridiculous for me to be a brain injured, no college degree, poverty based fool with fourteen mental disorders according to psychiatrists and know what to do in this situation when you don’t, aren’t, can’t, won’t, don’t know how, think you know and are obviously wrong – way wrong to everyone that is watching around the world and here in the States.

I can appreciate that you probably are afraid to listen to me since I don’t have a degree from Harvard, Princeton, Yale or MIT. But, durn – I sure can do what you cannot seem to do. And, that is put my paddles in the shit and row to shore. How about doing what I did and resourcing better thinking skills, improving your reading comprehension and speed, learning how to use the entire brain God gave you and reconsidering how you just plain judge shit wrong – correct that already.

I’ll ask again –

“AMERICA, YOU ARE UP SHIT CREEK – Do you want to paddle this thing to shore or shall I?”

Original quotes and materials written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 04-12-08, USA1, UXSA1, USAX1

All materials posted here owned in total with retainment of all primary rights by Cricket House Studios, 2008