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Continued – On the Sovereign Nation of Georgia and The America The Beautiful Show – 2008

If I had been able to continue – the production of this show – I would have done –

5. Done most all of the publicity and promotional campaign myself asking friends from specific business owners and special friends to do interviews on television and radio about the event and would’ve written most of the press publicity releases myself and sent them, emailed them or hand-delivered them to outlets for broadcast, news, human interest, entertainment and hospitality outlets, event schedules, newspapers, television stations program directors, talk radio show hosts, national public radio and international outlets as well as to internet served database relay sources like UPI, AP, Reuters, Cox, and others.

6. Would’ve designed and had printed, posters, ads, banners, programs, t-shirts, goodies to take home and similar items with my own tools and abilities. Would’ve given the show its characteristic logo and slogan from my own abilities and creativity then had them printed locally. Would’ve asked my balloonist and aviation friends at the small airports around to help publicize the event also.

7. Would’ve probably joined the Unions I’m supposed to be free to not join because we are a “Right To Be Fired Without Cause” State in Georgia. I had already talked with Union reps about three weeks ago from the Atlanta musicians local. Since Union musicians would’ve been in trouble for performing on stage with me as a non-union musician, I would’ve probably joined even though they require me to show up in person at their offices and give them cash money to join – Not a credit card, debit card, nothing else will do. I would’ve joined to keep my friends from trouble with their Union.

8. Would’ve contracted with GA State University and other area Universities that I spoke with two – three weeks ago also about another project being video promoted. These colleges have video services departments that can help (for money and consideration) produce some really slick professional quality but creative products of video from events and promotional materials. They also can send it out for a small fee on the internet and to other outlets. There are also small companies that for about $10,000 will come out and do some really nice promotional materials from a show event like this. I talked to those companies three years ago, now but they are still in business and their prices are about the same. Many of these will negotiate and some will trade services. Since I do promotional and creative things – it works out pretty good for trading – helping them and helping my projects.

(there are 16 total items in this list.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

Cricket House Studios, 2008 – USAX1 – 04-11-08