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Continued – On The Sovereign Nation of Georgia USA and the America The Beautiful Show – 2008

If I had been allowed to continue to create this show without the threat of the mental hospital looming –

I would have done –

9. Hired interpretors for the event and taken extra steps for the disable populations to attend comfortably, for international visitors to be given the entire show as it happened, and taken special steps to host special needs audience members in order to accommodate them attending the show safely, comfortably and be able to enjoy the program.

10. Would have had a Color Guard from nearby Dobbins or Fort Mac to come to do the show and arranged for some specialty bands to be showcased, including our armed forces bands and brass ensembles, the drum and fife corps, the Marine Corps band, the Air Force and Navy and Army bands along with other special bands from our military services groups. I would have also included the Preservation Hall Jazz and Dixieland Bands playing our patriotic and regional favorites, jazz bands out of New Orleans, Memphis and St.Louis, blues bands out of Detroit, Chicago, NY and Texas, bluegrass bands out of the Appalachians and Smoky Mountains and other places, country – western bands out of Nashville, the Carolinas, Tennessee and the Grand Ole Opry and somehow – I would’ve gotten them to play some of my favorite Johnny Cash songs. Yep. i was also working to get the list of master musicians and national assets from the Carnegie – Mellon Foundations and the Kennedy Center archives to request their sharing their music with us.

11. Would’ve made it possible for the 3-hour show to include and intermission and performers – comedians – guest speakers with Solution-oriented, can-do thinking to interact with the audience in brief seven-ten minute synopsis dialogues of inspiration, motivation, how-to, quick-track literacy, and creative problem solving, creativity and successfully enacting solutions. I would’ve had hand-outs and written materials from each of these and other information along a similar vein in the gift packages given to each audience member to take home with them and distribute to their families, churches, communities and businesses as they see fit.

12. Would’ve offered some of my music, comedy and writings somewhere in the show and probably written the flow of material for the emcees and presenters to use that would keep some congruency in the show combined with their ideas and materials. (Like, Here is what our forefathers, our great, great, grandmothers and granddaddies bought with their sacrifices. Here are the things their sacrifice allow us the freedom to use now as we need it to think through for ourselves and create solutions on the fly by the seat of our britches as the need arises . . . etc. combined with the presenters materials and choices of ideas to use.)

(there are 16 total items in this writing – the next post will include the last four.)

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

Cricket House Studios, USAX1 – 04-11-08