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This is to let you know what I am working to do actively in a very short period of time – Fall is very close when trying to do something like this, but it can be done. There is an intention to this effort. I hope that by promoting this show and hosting it – people in America will start getting more hopeful, patriotic and activate their resources to accomplish things in their situations. It might do that – I hope so.

In three words – This is entertainment.

It is patriotic.

It is empowering.

It is possibility.

and –

This is an event for this year – September 11, 2008.

First, thank you for letting me try to do this.

Second, I want the name of the show to be – “America The Beautiful – In Honor and Support of Freedom”.

Third, the premise and purpose of the show is two-fold.

It is intended to be entertainment. The patriotic theme will be dominant (non-political, old school Patriotism).
The secondary theme that will be covered through promotional materials, entertainers and information available at the show is – “Solution-oriented thinking, Resourcing to Create Viable Solutions and Supporting the Inventiveness, Resourcefulness and Innovative Spirit of the American citizens.”

The point is to Honor the many individuals that have sacrificed for our freedoms – both in the armed services, in our government and in our communities for over three hundred years. Some are actively serving today and some are no longer with us.

The other point is to be supportive with hope and encouragement for the US citizens and businesses that are having financial difficulties who need solution-oriented, can-do thinking, inspiration, and access to community resources that are available to them.

To this end – I have talked with many people and businesses over the phone today. I posted a letter sent to the Vets for Freedom on my blog earlier today, because as I’ve spoken to people on the phone, I wanted something there for them to start the consideration process. This evening, I’m sending this email package to those I spoke to on the phone today and others that may be interested.

The places I’ve called today are about to be sent an email that covers basically the points outlined above and then I have a written agreement that will cover the sustenance and support of this show as they make moneys and other resources available. These agreements will be basic to cover the intention of the show, the use of the money, the return of advertising and promotions available to these companies and individuals through this show and its campaign to let the public know about it, as well as any other aspects that we negotiate to do this.

This is an historic time in our country. I look forward to your participation.