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Continued – On The Sovereign Nation of Georgia USA and The America The Beautiful Show for September 11, 2008 –

If I had the freedom to do so – I would’ve also done these things and others in this way to create this show –

13. Was arranging for can-do, solution-oriented materials to be made available to all audience members, either in the lobby and or by packaged gift for each member attending – estimated at 4,000 – 12,000 people across the preview show on September 10, matinee shows and special audiences during the day on September 11 and the two main event shows on the evening of the September 11, 2008. These materials would’ve come from businesses, organizations and others that already have them and were willing to send them to us already printed and ready to include in these packages and on the presentation area in the lobby or at the back of the theater, during intermission and at the end of the show. This would include, outerwear that is appropriate for walking somewhere and other necessary clothing outfitters for real world living in America, safety riding for motorcycles, bicycles, skateboarding, roller blading and other scooters, electric golf carts and Cushman vehicles, off -rode vehicles etc. – i.e. information and safety. Also to be included were information packets about what is available at the library systems, universities, non-profits, business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, government agencies like the agricultural extension office, the Botanical Gardens and others. Also information that is found and access points for government service centers, city hall, county agencies, state and federal government resources and other how-to and community resources. I had already started making arrangements for these to be delivered for the show.

14. Lastly, the first night, September 10, would’ve been a preview special show with the main event shows performed twice in the evening of September 11, 2008 (and matinees for special audiences in a tailored format over the course of the day – with more music and more practical goodies to take home appropriate to them. – There are braille resources on nearly everything and nearly everything is found somewhere in international languages, in picture languages and in simplified formats that are easy to use. These materials are often found online if you know where to look, and physically sitting in closets at all kinds of places where the public sits needing them and not getting them. I was going to raid the closets at the Labor Department and others to pull out the stuff and distribute it, including how-to write a business plan and start a business that I’ve written and the ones from the SBA sitting in offices over at Kennesaw College and elsewhere, among other things.)

15. Would’ve had ticket sales cover all the Theater expenses and any excess of expenses not covered would’ve been covered by friends that sponsored the event including the businesses whose reputations, products and services would have also ended up being promoted and advanced because of this show. And, I would’ve made sure the video produced of the show was aired across many markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico, the IMF – FSF groups and UN groups pertinent to them, to specific groups of non-profits, business leaders and would-be entrepreneurs for problem-solving and motivation, as well as to other places and nations’ access points around the world. But, especially, I would’ve seen to it that the information contained in the videos was specially available to populations in need – those losing their homes, businesses and livelihoods that need to regroup and start again with a New Day in their lives.

16. Would’ve encouraged other individuals to do this same event for their cities across America as we publicized this one. – A non-political, Patriotic Remembrance and Honor for those who sacrificed and do sacrifice to ensure our freedoms and who bought them with their lives in the first place. To Honor the members of all nations that lost their lives on September 11 along with many heroes and family members. And, a program / show that supports the innovative spirit within each and every person in America and around the World today to solve these problems together in every arena and facet of our modern society.

This is not a lofty idealized goal. It isn’t intended to be noble to the exclusion of all else. I have had a purpose and drive born of the intimate understanding of having limited and zero freedom in my own life today and in many yesterdays I’ve lived as an adult in America. If you know to do and you don’t – let your own answer be – not to me, but to some higher authority that has created you. That is all I can say . . .

(there are 16 total elements on this list – this is the last set, each of the previous posts have the remaining items. The two posts before that explain my personal situation that has caused the necessity for me to hand this off to others that might accomplish it along with the how-to as you see it here. If I’ve left out anything – I’ll post it here today or this weekend so it can be added to your package and hopefully someone will give it a go and make it happen.)

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

Cricket House Studios – 2008 – USXA1 – 04-11-08