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Yesterday evening on the Glenn Beck show, you had representatives from your services group and Jon Voight,

I was very impressed by your ability to convey the information you presented and as much as I know we may not agree on every point, we serve the same cause and the same President and the same seated Congress today and each day.

There is a project that I need immediate help with doing and I want y’all to make this happen with me. At the risk of my music and abilities being excluded, I would prefer this to happen and have your help, so I’m asking for it to be decided quickly.

The Atlanta area venues have an available slot this September on the 10, and 11. I play keyboards and do not sing, but I certainly can be funny when I do talk, obviously. And I write about freedom and solutions to practical matters. You can find what I’ve posted at this blog to understand better:


What I want is to locate (it looks like) about $50,000 to rent a place to host this event in Atlanta for these two days. It may be reserved for as little as $10,000 and I personally don’t have a Union but there are Union stage hands that must be used and Ticketmaster. I think the venue gets the concessions. What I want is to create a show to be held on September 11 of 2008, with a preview show on the 10th, and although I might find some individuals or businesses to do it – I would feel better if you would help me with it.

I know for instance that I want to participate in the show, but if I play an anthology that includes Hotel California or Charades or anything else besides the Star Spangled Banner, then I have to pay royalties to someone. How that is arranged, I do not know. The other musicians and Marine Band Folks and Music Masters of the Atlanta Musicians Union that I might be able to talk into performing – I don’t know how arrangements are made to pay them, but I’m pretty sure I could talk them into doing it. They probably won’t do it now that I’ve said I could talk them into it, though.

There is about 1-2 weeks to actually reserve the venue and get things done. I can move pretty quickly but working with ya’ll – I’m scared it will take longer. We do not have longer. There are groups at colleges and other grassroots tech-head groups  who will help to put in motion promotional and viral vid materials to promote this as well as many television, business and news sources right now that might help but not if we screw around with it.

I would also love to see the gentlemen that were round tabling with Glenn Beck make a presentation during the show that explains why we serve the Standing President and whatever the Seated Congress of the day whether we agree with them or not. It seems to be unusual information right now when it shouldn’t be. There is much I can do to help make this show work and I thought maybe our 76 Trombones and other Patriotic pieces of music could be played by our Corps bands, if they will and aren’t doing other things. There is a need for this and I think it would awaken the spirits of a great many Americans right now to find out this is being done and once the Theater is reserved, for the public to hear about it and look forward to it.

Please let me know, I will continue pursuing this through other avenues with or without your word on it – by tomorrow, this time. I’ll be doing my taxes today, or I would already be moving heaven and earth today to take the $50,000 over to the venue selections before this day is out. And tomorrow, that is exactly what I will be doing.

Thanks so much for considering this –
Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
(asw) ATL1 – USAX1 – UXA1 – USXA1 – USA1


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(from old Illuminati / Intelligentsia stuff back in the old, old, old school.)

Thankyou for your time and if Jon Voight, Rudy Guliani and anyone else very well spoken on matters of Patriotism, Remembrance of Those Who’ve Served Our Freedom, and similar things can be talked into it – in your group, That would be so (no words are able to say – it is beyond measure.)