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this is the organization system I use for receipts and other critical tax info to be sorted and handy. I use it throughout the year normally, but last August I started getting lazy and in a hurry. I threw all the receipts into the INBox and let it go until today. So, this view of my world was taken in the bathroom floor with it all being put into order in this organization system. Fortunately, only the August through February ’07 stuff needed to be filed and then will be entered into the system of folders for last year’s taxes. The forms will be filled out tonight and tomorrow by me since I’ve got about 15.00 instead of 150.00 to work with for an accountant.

You know that means I’ve been shopping instead of saving moneys of course. But, I thought it may help someone to check out this organization system that I lifted from somebody else and incorporated into my life. It works and is really very easy to establish habits for using it throughout the year. It also meets the rigors and demands of my lifestyle which as poor as I might be at any given time requires a lot – I mean, a lot of accurate paperwork that goes to government folks here and there – You can’t be poor in America without the right paperwork to show how so it is and other stuff like that any time you are asked by our government. Just the way it is – I don’t make the rules but I sure would like to have a word with some of them that do. They just do not know what they’ve done to us . . .

Or maybe they just don’t care – a chair in their offices, one single chair costs more than they give me to live on for a month, pay my rent, utilities, eat and everything else. But supposedly my sinful American poverty is what is breaking the budget of the nation. I don’t have the secretaries typing my stuff . . . What is that 38,000 dollars a year to have pages typed and stuck in folders with a label on it? Yeah, right – that tisn’t my office spending that kind of money but I defy you to find a government office of any kind that isn’t spending that and more . . . for paperwork trailing, and stuff . . .


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Anyway, here is the video I made today of this system – Yes, that is me talking and yes, the volume is a bit low and yes, I really do have a lot to learn about making videos – don’t I? Be patient please, I’m learning as I do it on some of this stuff, like digital cameras making videos, and not the other kinds I’ve used. Oh well, you’ve surprised me, too.