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Well, there you go – I’m out of money as usual after grocery shopping so I decided to put three or four items on auction at my Ebay store. If you’re interested – the auction only lasts from tonight until Sunday (tomorrow) at about 7 p.m. on the first item.

This item that I’ve put on auction is a hand-written, signed and dated suggested reading list of books that I’ve studied over the years, took notes and applied into my life. There are plenty of great books in the world that will help and I would suggest all of them generally and any of them that are specific to your needs are worthy of study, taking notes, applying what you find there.

These 12 books I’ve listed were instrumental in helping me or they have been written in the same mind that I understand and consequently, I’ve been able to share them at times with other people to help them learn to activate their abilities and mental capacity. We all have so much to offer, but the brain is much like a muscle in that the more it is used – the better it works. The more it is saved to use later, the harder it is to use it. One of the suggestions – will be two bonus items, I’ve already given one to you – the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th Edition from 1978 before substantial changes were made to so much of the information we have. It is always possible to add to what we know when learning from older sources, but you can’t know what you don’t know to add to it.

Anyway – the other items I thought I would auction will also be one day auctions and the number two item is a computer written – original document created by me about CRITICAL ANALYSIS – which is completely written from the top of my head from what I know the way I do it. This shows the basic path of thinking for critical analysis and does not include any references to other materials. It has not been compiled – it has been written free-hand, by the seat of the moment, based on what I know does work. There are no graphs, no equations – those will be available later. It does not cover factors in the market place that I use to know what is really happening. Those will also be available later as part of the package with the equations and basics of understanding that I use for projections and future forecasting in the markets.

These items on this reading list are great for businesses to bring everybody to the same page and help bring out the best in people to create and accomplish goals.

For right now, I just wanted to let anyone that might be interested in these items, know about them. I’ve listed them as art because I wasn’t sure where to list them and the name of my store is –


The one day auctions will be found there through tomorrow evening. Soon, I will be listed some other items that might be interesting to you also – intellectual properties that I’ve originated and that I own. The rights will not be for sale, only the original documents or computer printed originals with the signature from my own hand and date.

Thank- you for your interest. I’ve got to type this little writing I did today for the folks that are driving our trucks and then I will be listing the other writing I mentioned.

Enjoy the Ride!

Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

“Creating the tangible from the impossible – every day for real-life, real-time, real-world dynamic workable solutions.” – brand and quote from Cricket Diane C Sparky Phillips, 2008

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