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“For Our Trucking Industry Drivers, Independent Owner-Operators, Individual Owners, Company Drivers, et al.”
2008, Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

1. For increased gas mileage:

a.) high-pressure wash entire engine and “under the hood” as well as chassis
b.) have all maintenance work you’ve been putting off done immediately – fine tune her
c.) get some sludge master product to clean out each system appropriate to it – oil, gasoline lines, pumps & systems, hydraulics and transmission –> have any & all gears, bearings, pumps, vacuum lines and seals – all changed to new ones if they are worn or compromised in any way.
D.) Have brakes and brake lines checked for integrity and transmission gear ratios checked by computer diagnostics for any slippage and have it corrected.
E.) Anything that can be done to clean up and perfect the performance of your engine and your rig will increase savings in every gas mile you run.

2. Keep up with it –

Have maintenance performed at 5000 – 6000 miles with slightly higher viscosity oils added and all systems checked. If needed –> add sludge master stuff in any and all systems that need it and top off all fluids. Make vapor lock check on all pneumatic & pressure defined systems.

Any line, seal or bearing that is in need of repair – repair it now. Your trucks’ engines should sound like a purring kitten – not an aircraft carrier on steroids. That chunk – a – chunk – a – sound you are hearing is costing you more in gas than the prices increasing at the pumps.

–> Changes of tires, greasing bearings and axles properly, keeping engine cavity & underbelly clean –> all reduce drag and friction eats up fuel. Now is the time to buy those aerodynamic drag reducing collars that are more efficient than what you already have.

If you haven’t already bought and installed an electric motor / generator system for your rig – get one. This will likely save about 30 gallons of petrol a run and it reduces wear on systems that can use that performance to decrease your overall costs.

3. The biggest thing is this –> THINK. Learning more about the mechanical, diesel, systems engineering and materials science of your rig will help you in many ways. Get some college books about it or download the course materials on MIT online free download site. These things are the core of what has created your “ride”, and you need to know them.

I say this because sometimes, somewhere – you fixing your truck may be an important method of protecting your money and second, you knowing everything you can about performance as it was taught to the engineers who designed your systems will help you to think of better ways to get high performance and increased petrol mileage out of it.

The number one thing that will both save you money & make you money right now is the 5000 – 6000 mile upkeep and maintenance – ( the more closely the basics are guarded, the more likely there is better mileage and less costly downtime for repairs.) She should be purring like a kitten when you pull off, if not, go back and make them do it right. And, I don’t mean maybe. (And then get the manager of the place and tell them what happened, give them one shot at never doing it that shitty to anybody again, etc. etc. etc.)

Let’s get down and dirty about this for a minute –>

If you’ve ever owned a motorcycle, you know some things about engine / transmission / overdrive performance that are also applicable to your rig ( within the law ). Use them and let’s get on with this & the next time, ya’ll wanna stage a protest –> circle them wagons around the oil companies’ HQ for two days and make them camp out in there in the offices. That oughta get their attention. (Just don’t break any laws doing it – we don’t have any money to come get the bunch of ya’ll out of jail anywhere – so you’ve got to be smart about this stuff – make your point and please don’t make stuff harder on people like the rest of us that don’t have any money, either.)

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
Cricket House Studios – ATL, GA1, USXA1 – USA1 – 04-05-08

“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible every day for real-life, real-time, real-world dynamic workable solutions that do work.” – brand slogan and quote of Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 08

Cricket House Studios – ATL, GA1, USXA1 – USA1 – 04-05-08

“Yeah, well I know ya’ll already knew about everything on here but now it is in a form to explain to your spouse – how come you’re about to spend that money getting it done today.”