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“On Rules of the GAME”
2008, Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

A Couple Quick Things – As A Practical Matter –

We need to get on the same page with a few simple rules –

good to follow all the time but especially critical right now –

1. Always, this time, every time, put keys, cellphones, any other go with you stuff like your wallet in the same place or with your shoes & socks that you wear to go someplace. This includes pda’s, palm pilots, day runners, blackberries, laptop case, camera / camera case, etc. (Ipods et al.)

2. Awareness of the immediate surroundings is an odd nicety some other time. Now, awareness of all immediate surroundings anywhere you are at any time is critical to your well-being and the well-being of those you love and hold dear.

Some people will not handle these economic adjustments well. This is a fact. What “great ideas” they have need not include you nor anyone you love, if all of you, including your children, senior citizens, crazy cousins and you, your spouse and significant others pay attention. And, I don’t mean paranoid anxiety.

Keep it slow and steady, firm and aware in the here and now. I do mean for a targeted common sense approach about it –> extra everybody watching on lookout that is in the car during lane changes on the freeway and surface streets, making everyone in the car participate in navigation, landmarking, interacting intelligently about the surroundings and noticing the red-light you’re about to slide through before you are in the intersection doing it.

And, through an awareness as you come home for basic things like doors ajar, changes in any of the appearance of your home, which lights were left on, etc. If anything is out of place, get back in your car as if you’ve forgotten something, make sure the kids and whoever else is with you is in and drive to the nearest precinct, grocery or other open, well-lit place while your children dial 911 on your cellphone. Don’t play. This is a time that some folks will use as an excuse for poor choices and bad behavior.

The other important part of this is thinking through regular activities in a slightly different way. Targeted common sense approach about it means not hanging out in line at the bank and similar places. If there is a line inside, go to the atm & pay attention to what is going on around you. Take the common sense steps to be safe.

Don’t put packages in the trunk at the mall, grocery or shopping centers. Get in & sling them into the backseat after you lock the doors. Get your keys out as you leave a store, grocery or mall & have them in your hand as a weapon if necessary and get to your car, buckle up, and get gone. Don’t play circling the mall to window shop or take a short cut through the parking lot right now. Too many people have their mind elsewhere in those parking lots. Just imagine its Christmas and follow the same good sense to arrive alive, please.

3. Listen. Hear everyone & everything around you – stop blocking it out. It won’t drive you crazy – you’re already crazy. We all are and we each came by it honestly. That isn’t an excuse for acting stupidly, or not taking this situation seriously.

4. Park, walk and do only in well-lit, well trafficked & well-patrolled areas. Anywhere else, save for another day – maybe five years from now.

5. If someone comes up on you to rob you – pretend that this person just called your Mama a whore & knock ‘em into next week. ‘Cause that idiot is gonna kill you whether you give ‘em the money or not. And while you’re at it – don’t try to talk to a fool that is foolish enough to be doing that. He or she doesn’t need to be saved right now – the sonofabitch needs to be stopped right now so they can be saved later. So, THINK —>

T – Take the son of a bitch DOWN.
H – Hike the gun or knife cause he/she obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing.
I – I have a Right To Live and you ain’t taking it away from me.
N – Never, Never, never leave the SOB his knees to walk away with.
K – Kill that S.O.B.’s desire to ever do this agaiin to anybody –> disarm, defuse, & destroy his/her ability to cause harm.

—> And, believe me, this process does NOT require killing anybody to do it. In fact, the toes he has and your ability to duck should be your first on the list gut instincts. That S>O>B> can’t think when he gets a stubbed toe – same as us. Then, take his weapon and secure it because obviously he doesn’t know what he’s doing or he’d be doing something else.

6. Carrying a lot of credit cards, wads of cash or a check book, wearing $300 – $400 shoes, and getting out of $100,000+ cars are just too stupid for words right now – so fix that.

7. In any “good deal” situation, especially right now –> if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t play it. And, never let a third person in between you and your money unless you’re dead already and it doesn’t matter.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008, (CD)9 – ATL1 – USA1 – USAX1 – 040608
Cricket House Studios, “Creating the Tangible from the Impossible Every Day for real-life, real-time, real-world dynamic workable solutions that do work.” / 04-06-08, USA /

“I’lluminatis – if you will . . .” The New Day of Illuminati – Intelligentsia Twenty-First Century, 2008.