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“There is no such animal as a ‘bubble” in market results, factors or discernible areas. To hear anyone question whether this is a market and/or economy in trouble – I simply change the station, turn off the idiot or write down the name and show with a big ‘BAD’ across the top with the date and the person’s name who said it underlined.

The reason I do this is because the broadcast stations are paying these ‘experts’ to come on their show and give their opinions and knowledge. Either they are paid in moneys, prestige or exposure. The producers and other assignment editors on the show are responsible to research the validity of the position being expounded. Sometimes, it is valuable to simply show the different opinions being expounded even when they are wrong. I have no problem with that. However, even I know – that:


If I am taking in this information and use it to incorrectly base anything I’m doing, it will produce for me the same garbage that it is producing for them which is making their results wrong. That these individuals work for companies in the industry of finance, economics, business markets interpretation and similar macro-economic forecasting fields is scary at best, and dangerous, at more than a mild level.

That is why I take the time to write down a note of the name of the person expounding invalid, incorrect or misguided information along with the station broadcasting it and the name of the show along with the date. To me, it doesn’t mean that show always has crap on it – but it does mean that over time, when I have a lot of these notes about the same show or broadcaster – that there is a problem here.

About 14 – 15 days ago, I made a note that if anyone in these industry experts said once more that there was a question about whether this is a ‘Recession’ or not and was in any way hesitant about using the ‘R’ word, that I would disavow the information of any kind coming from that source. And, I have. Because to say that as an expert when faced with these facts and numbers and effects across the broad structures of not only our markets, housing, unemployment and inflation of prices / devaluations of our currency is damn near criminal. To espouse such a view on the international broadcasts that many people rely upon to understand the marketplace and decide how to adjust is to do a serious disservice that hinges on unethical, uneducated or intentionally dishonest.”

Thou shalt not lie wasn’t a suggestion – and regardless of the upbringing, religious viewpoint of it and its original foundation in a religious doctrine – it still makes good sense. And – if you are going to lie, don’t waste our time, make it a doozy so at the very least, we can all be aware that it is a wild story or a tall fish tale or purely for recreational and entertainment value. A really good lie can be fun and fanciful – it certainly has its place around the poker tables and fish camps and family dinners at reunions – but not in the boardrooms and financial advisors and economics / financial industry experts dogma and interpretation of facts presenting in the marketplace.

This I know, because I have seven children and buddy they can tell some whoppers. But they have nothing on ya’ll. No Sirree. We are amateurs when it comes to the level of intellectual and dogmatic dishonesty ya’ll are practicing on a regular basis. It really sucks to find out that the one man who has our President’s ear on advising in economic matters, as of yesterday – wasn’t too sure we were in a Recession or not. And he seemed to think that everything seemed about fine from there (where he is, no doubt, off in his own little reality) and that the markets and economic factors influencing it will just kind of go along a little rough and then STRAIGHTEN itself out. Just a little “bubble” I suppose in his world – Does that mean a market ‘burp’ or are there any adults up there in Washington that know how to read a flow chart?

“There is no such animal as a ‘bubble’ in market results, factors or discernible areas when it involves macro-economics systems, process and derivations of influences and impacts  –>  these are propagated waves and can be shown dimensionally as interactive ripples, currents, eddies and impact derivations, as flow charts of impact and nuance and as dimensional foundation graphs that place out in a volume of space and time dimensionally – in real-time.”

“Ya’ll gonna have to work on your science and math skills some  –>  markets are not 2-dimensional. The errors in making determinations of fact from analysis of 2-dimensional graphs taken of selected stock performances are screwing ya’ll.”

– quotes and all writings here without regard to quote marks are the original thoughts, ideas, interpretations, analysis and written words of Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 04/06/08