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Notes to Women and Military Purchasing Groups / Leaders –
2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips

–> Do not buy what you cannot zip up yourself –
this includes, shoes, boots, dresses with zips in the back such that you cannot reach it, and and all other bags, backpacks, tents, goodies pouches, and anything with zippers.

–> Do not buy what you cannot walk in –
I don’t care what the fashion designers say – let them wear it.

–> Do not buy what does not work for you –
because sooner or later – it will have to work for you, when it really, really matters.

these notes are for Women, and for US Military & US Military sanctioned purchasing orders to serve any, every, each and all of our departments, agencies, branches, etc. (all inclusively)
(As well, as women & children civilians).

–> Note –> no men are on this list except those in military and positions of purchasing authority who serve our needs —> all of us have to live with their decisions.

Other men, that are civilians or are otherwise in Congress, etc. not involved in purchasing equipment or anything that we have to live with are likely not going to listen to us anyways and will do, buy, choose, wear, use and (in all likelihood) –> misuse to suit the needs of the moment for better or worse ( and there’s no telling them anything.)

—> AND –>

–> Do not buy into the idea that if it works for you, it will and it must work for me.

I’m probably going to do something with it in some extreme way at some extreme time & place where you wouldn’t go.
(This includes but is not limited to : walking 2 miles to the quickie store at 2 or 3 a.m. to get a donut ‘cause I want one – even in Marietta, GA, USA that is an extreme time & place to try out or rely on something somebody else used one time at home.)

—> Do not buy what you can’t wear, you don’t eat, you don’t use, you don’t like and any thing you don’t have any use for whatsoever.

–> No matter how “on sale”, “clearanced” or “how good a deal” it is, “SAVINGS” on sale stuff does not “make money”. Savings realized by buying sale stuff and clearance stuff bought somewhere can only save money if your were going to buy it anyway and only if you like it, use it and have a use for it – AND – ( if it works for you &/or your family.)
No –> its not useful just ‘cause it says so.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008