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“On Mobilizing Power and Resources”

2008 Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips
Cricket House Studios – 20008 – ATLx1-USAx1- USA1

a Rock standing still contains no inherent momentum. It does have mass and potential (kite) kinetic energy stored in its nature, size, weight, dimensions and textures, ( both its surface topography and in its internal structures, as well as, in the fractures, stress and “imperfections” within its internal structure.)

Note: the word above is “stress” – not “stresses” for a reason – if you don’t know the difference, leave it alone for the sake of English and go learn some more Science and Mathematics stuff.

if your first thought is –> “what do I do, throw the rock? Who do I throw it at?”  —>

THEN, you are in desperate need of anger management classes, maybe 12-step programs of some kind or simply talking more honestly and more often with the people around about what has you so pissed off.

V                    V                                                            V                 V

this Rock, can be used as a distributed weight system / mechanism to hold down a tent or tarp in wind, to keep the car, truck, plane or rv you’re working on in place, ( and similar uses.)

this Rock, can be struck with a hammer, blow torch or tire iron – (wear safety glasses or goggles doing it + hand protection, hand armor like for butchery or leather work gloves). Hit is just right & yield pieces adequate for tiling the patio and / or building that barbecue you now can’t afford to build otherwise, among other things.