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The greatest shame of all about the last post that I made which was a copy of information that went to some press folks that seemed to believe the whole global warming was an issue of a little bit of extra CO2 in the air, is that the crimping of businesses to make them adhere to some standard days as a solution is over – its gone.

There was a chance some thirty and plus years ago when I was in high school, that the simple addition of filtering systems and individual changes by businesses could fix the problems with our air quality by about now. But we didn’t do that and now that won’t work.

Many think that when the words “global warming” are spoken that we mean to “crack down” on business. Can’t help anymore – its too late. The many multitudes of exotic chemicals now in our air, ground, water and on every surface everywhere will not be fixed by any industry changes whatsoever. I hate to tell y’all but its too late.

What this means is this – whenever scientists are meeting one of the big conversations is a dialogue started about ten years ago – or maybe fifteen – That dialogue isn’t suggesting that businesses be heavily regulated nor forced into compliance with 30+ year old guidelines. Its over – its too late – it is way past that for quite awhile now. There is very valid discussions and research that has been being done on how to fix it or do something with it as it exists before we have no planet to call home. That is necessary now and there may be little chance of anything else working.

This also means, that the knowledge of chemistry, fusion, fission, quantum mechanics and atmospheric sciences that has been broken through in some areas only in the silent labs inside businesses and kept secret by desire to compete, must be combined somewhere, somehow into the academic arena and vice versa. It is another area where we are going to need everybody to know what everybody knows and cross over all barriers to do it. We can’t change our cars fast enough to fix it even if all cars were retrofitted next year which some of us are trying to do – create retrofit packages that are non-combustion systems for cars, trucks, ships, trains and other combustion motored systems. It still isn’t enough, even if we can do that and make it affordable for each and every car owner everywhere.

The basic problem is that the air polluted as it is – as exotic and bizarre as the chemistry in it has to be transmuted chemically by processes of physics into a usable fuel source that repairs it as we go. It is do-able but is only one part of a multi-strata process for cleaning the mess and straightening it out.

We will need the oil companies because their eco-tech is strangely most targeted because it is profit driven. There are knowledge basics in this industry which can feed new uses of petroleum using the tiniest strands of nearly nothing atomically and making it into useful fuel sources, powerful product categories and all kinds of switching and energy solutions for electrical substitution apps.

This isn’t talk of a day far from today. It is on the shelves today in America and around the world. It is true in nearly every industry – it is not the change in the way their processes are being done (for the most part, excepting a couple specific cases really) that will make a difference but rather an interaction, consolidating of goals with our country and our scientists as well as with all the other participants in our world that has to happen. They and we and everyone who is found to have their feet on this planet will be needed to make this right.

Every idea counts – it could be the one – or ones that work for wonderful changes to take place. Every person’s base of knowledge and creativity will be required. Every one – each and every single one from the smallest to the oldest and in every country. Because we don’t know what we don’t know – even the most innocent, the most incapacitated may have the unique perspective that can point out what we cannot see. It will give us a place to look, a new way to stand and consider what open ideas and options that brings. It will take every business and corporation of every size and we all will need to become a whole lot more literate on a lots of things including using the brains that are keeping our ears from being pasted together like Mickey Ears on a D-Vacation.

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