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Line In The Sand – What I Do – Cricket Diane C Phillips – 2008
4 04 2008

Cricket Diane Quote of the Day –

“Living Will & Testament as taught to me – means (”Get up off your dead ass and go do something to do some good unless you’re in the ground already – There is no excuse – and if your death is permanent and you didn’t let us know before this —   WHOO BUDDY! you’re in some stuff now!”). When did the meaning get changed?”

– Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

Cricket House Studios – USAX1 – UXA1 – USA1 – 2008

040408 – USA

Line In The Sand –

What I Do That Works –

2008, Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

So when somebody draws a line in the sand or better yet, takes a stick 18″ – 26″ long and doves a line in the sand, what do you do? [doves a line . . .  –  means, “you can go up to your side of this line and still keep the peace between us. (It is arbitrary in where the line is located & rarely negotiated.)]

–>  (So) What do you do? I know what I do that works, I sit down and start playing with the line from my side in the sand, cross-legged Indian-style.  — “I sit on my butt & start (zigging) zig-zqzagging the line without changing in position nor location (as if that is the only thing that interests me).” Then –>

“I ask what they got over on that side of the line where they are,  that I want. How’s things look over there on your side – got any good stuff around you to look at? What does it look like? What parts do you like? What kind of stuff do y’all eat – is it that much different than what I like? Do y’all have games you play – your own songs like we do? and then I ask them if they play chess? And do they like it or in a fit of (oh, well) what do you play? cards, or cricket, soccer, polo or you like to watch horse races, cars? You got that over there don’t you?”

Etc., etc., etc. and on it goes – I never cross that line with hands, foot, toes or getsure and if they are very nervous and uncomfortable when I’m playing in the sand with my fingers (I watch their feet,) then I just do back up (1) one foot to look up at them as I’m propping back on one arm  — (like are you gonna talk to me or what – you got something  – anything  better to do?) and on and on it goes.”

—>  after awhile either the person is my friend or isn’t. I never bother to cross the line neither to antagonize them into making a move to cross the line aggressively (if they are annoyed as shit already & can’t be resolved between us at any point to the x – moment I have available ) then a.) I say thankyou for your patience & kindness & I go away   (saying, “Later, then” as I go  ) and I leave, tell no one and sometime later approach again.

or,  (b). I wouldn’t get in a bath with all hot or all cold water if I could help it  –  therefore   (A) yes,  (B) no, —–> are not the only choices  –> so (b) in this case is to construct, create, work with, modify all of what we both want into an “all – win” solution that serves ALL and ANY & EACH & EVERY thing that we both want or we’re not doing it, that is options  (C), (D), (E), (F),  —> through Infinity somewhere.

or –> if none of the above, then (c.) which is to disarm, the stinker; destroy all evidence of the line with my foot and then explain in terms they can understand. At which point  – I just generally take whatever I want, whatever I cam for and then graciously say thankyou as I help them back up on their feet.

[and dust them off and ask if they are hurt anywhere. If they are – I do what I can to fix it (more times than not,) before I leave.]

See y’all later and I’m usually gone by the time the last of it is trailing off in the distance ’cause I got better things to do than this.

So, if y’all are having the line in the sand thing going on, you can follow these as I have and then it works. Otherwise, just go ahead and take their marbles cause they aren’t using them anyway.

To challenge an opponent such as we are – all of us – with hidden strengths and resources is so ridiculous that they obviously aren’t using their marbles and don’t know what to do with them anyway. Just take them marbles and go home. There are better things to do.

Thanx Y’all –

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, UXA1 – USAX1 – USA1 – 2008 – {CD}9
– 040408 USA1