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No its not 2008 – to hear it told – its I don’t know when. That is what I would like everyone to know – that lying is great for beer parties, poker games and other tall tales of chance and imagination. That is where it belongs and what it is great for doing – everything else, anything else, all else and any other occasion – that ain’t it and it ain’t gittin it.

Now – honestly I wasn’t raised around here and all my family from the South calls me a Yankee – which I am but there is County Country Southern Blood running in my heart and its truth o meter – called a BULLOMETER down around me – says Ben Bernanke needs to be sitting in jail for reverence to the code of palpable lying  – tale telling and outright fibbing. He said they knew three months ago and last year they knew bidding problems were occurring behind the scenes on leverages to Bear Stearns – he didn’t say it that way – but it still is what he said.

Then he turned right around – under oath because that is what it is when any American citizen sits there in front of Congress and said they didn’t know but 24 hours before Bear Stearns was going to file collapse – help us bankruptcy court papers. That is a lie – I’m not a professional – I hold no degrees – I have $4.91 in my bank account and most of the time am an ignorant fool much to my chagrin – but even I knew ahead of this it was going to happen because the International Monetary Committees about May of last year (and before) had already said so and I trust they know more about it than I do.

Yes, I read it – it wasn’t hard to find – it was last year and prior to that when I read it so the Federal Reserve DAMN SURE knew it. And lying to Congress isn’t an inconvenience or a little no-no. It is against the law. Who does he think he is? We paid him – right. They don’t pay me. . .

and – even I know to tell the truth to Congress or go to jail and work there paying off the fines for my insolence and poor choices after taking an oath. What?

Yes – a little on the peevey-geevey side from watching two days of C/Span – that’ll rock your world alright.

Love ya’ll anyway – but durn – I’d druther make moonshine than this. And that’s all from Kudzu Cricket’s Asparkin” Holler

Cricket Diane C Phillips, “Sparky” – 2008

Cricket House Studios, USAX1 – USA1 – (in Atlanta sort of sideways over in the sticks from there USA_GEORGIA) 04/03/08